Hermitcraft 8: Episode 13 - LOSING EVERYTHING (again)
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 13 - LOSING EVERYTHING (again) grian is back on hermitcraft, how many times will the boatem hole consume us?

  • Laima Wolf
    Laima Wolf

    title: i lose everything (again)! *me,on the part where grain is near the void* Wait.. *scar punches grain in the void* NOOOOOOOOOO GRIAN- *grian is safe* *internal panik to when will he die* me when he is going after scar: yeah this is where he dies *death* YEP

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts

    Seriously you threatened scar to build in a certain spot

  • Corpsey 404
    Corpsey 404


  • F-boy fizz
    F-boy fizz

    Litterally making their own caves and cliffs in the caves and cliffs update

  • Locklyn Tolbert
    Locklyn Tolbert

    Doesn't he own a basement or something

  • Tuva Garnes
    Tuva Garnes

    callthe ally the-agonally just say it fast >:3 it aint stealing the brand if its not the same name xD

  • blue pancakes
    blue pancakes

    if i was scar i would simply never forgive grian i think /hj

  • Forever Video Play
    Forever Video Play

    All I could think of when you said you don't know how to call it. "Diagon Alley" [Diagonally] Immediatelly my thoughts were on calling it something similar, or rather, something totally opposite. "Vertic Alley", "Horizont Alley" or something like that, something with a similar vibe

  • Norped Holland
    Norped Holland

    Scar’s trident lagged into the Boatem Hole.

  • Alan G
    Alan G

    9:29 wait, he stole that from tiktok!

    • Tomo Zat
      Tomo Zat

      No 🤦. This is the original audio...

  • Creative Vex
    Creative Vex

    4:15 Grian became Eminem

  • Saignus

    I'll bet you could buy tridents from Etho and sell them to Scar and still make a profit

  • Caerigna

    That backfired so fast...

  • Caerigna

    I realize this is dating myself; everytime someone goes off on Diagon Alley my brain wants to ignore them, and starts singing Portabello Road. >

  • Leila Rashid
    Leila Rashid

    The wonk tiktok audio

  • Alon Maor
    Alon Maor

    Diagrian alley

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming
    Super Fire 64 Gaming

    Has Grian actually died from any thing that wasn't A. Ender crystals Or B. The void?

  • Blazingames

    Episode 13, a series of unfortunate gri-vents

  • Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113
    Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113

    scar is like the the video that someone gets stuck in the bedrock like "Oh No I gOt StUcK iN bEdRoCk"

  • Tycool243

    There are lots of indie windows in this episode and i love it

  • Sam Rowley
    Sam Rowley

    9:05, yoo grian why you making the twin towers (no disrespect to 9 11, just thought of it)

  • Yo Queen
    Yo Queen

    “Now these two were actually a little bit too straight, so I added a little bit of wonk.” Ah. So this is where that came from.

  • Stitastic

    “I think we need to get a little more elaborate, more clear about this message” Me: *builds message out of glass*

  • Gyllfinex

    "Oh now I've gotcher attention." "You do have my attention!" I can't stop laughing!

  • Harrison Ashurst
    Harrison Ashurst

    im disappinted

  • Harrison Ashurst
    Harrison Ashurst


  • qime

    Grian making scar build the back of things seems familiar

  • Mr.EggYolk

    He is making diagon ally

  • Spencer Laughead
    Spencer Laughead

    Grian, you should replace deepslate with "limited time offers" whatever... totally NOT junk you think will sell.

  • Kathleen

    They really need a rule to leave their stuff outside anytime they're going to the Boatem hole xD This happens way too often

  • sophia lawson
    sophia lawson

    I FOUND IT 9:29 now these two were actually a little bit too straight, so i added a little bit of wonk~

  • BlueDino2357


  • WTZWBlaze

    The deepslate car of the G-Train. Or, in other words, “It costs that much ‘cause it takes me f***ing hours”

  • Lin Jiang
    Lin Jiang

    dia(gri-a)lly should be the name until a better one is decided

  • Sulphur

    Idea, move the G-Train in to a built king's cross inspired station. (So basically the G-Train is the hogwarts express.)

  • NotAGoat

    Man, the Boatem Hole is a menace. Also why don't you just buy all the equipment and enchantments from the villagers and then use the Enderman farm for XP? Seems like it'd be faster.

  • NotAGoat

    I _knew_ Scar was gonna hit Grian into the hole. I just _knew_ it. Even trapped in bedrock and desperate for help, he just can't resist knocking people into the hole.

  • Joy

    Scars little “hello” is the best thing ever

  • Update OK
    Update OK

    You can call the alleyway the galleyway

  • ModKidMC

    Can we just appreciate how much work all these guys put into all of this? I mean, Grian spent 2 hours just mining DEEPSLATE and Mumbo must have spent forever on that awesome moss-stone-chair-thingy-ma-bob-covered-in-vines and all the other beautiful structures

  • Jack attack
    Jack attack

    Griagon alley should be the name of the alleyway

  • Samuel Gospodarek
    Samuel Gospodarek

    15:09 did anyone else see the bedrock crack

  • Brooke Ackerman
    Brooke Ackerman

    man im late but what about "the fineALLEY" as in like its going to be the last mega base hell build this season so it should ne the fineALLEY hehe

  • Jazen Azarus
    Jazen Azarus

    people who owns those house Ma!! look Im on TV 🤣

  • Nexlemav / Wildcraft Serenity
    Nexlemav / Wildcraft Serenity

    Griagon Alley sounds about right 😉😃

  • Lickey333


  • Sliyser

    grain you should make a sell shop instead of a buy one?

  • S O
    S O

    Missed opportunity: Tri-dent in my wallet

  • I like trains
    I like trains

    If you were in hermit craft 7 still you would be able to smelt the pickles from the pickle jar an get green dye

  • Lloyd Ivenn
    Lloyd Ivenn

    Some people have more than one base, in fact you could probably have like five of them on a single server

  • Adam Bloom
    Adam Bloom

    Griagon alley sounds like a good name for the alley XD

  • Shokomi

    9:28 iconic

  • liam sagol
    liam sagol

    Diagrian alley!!!

  • Simpxly lxmonz
    Simpxly lxmonz


  • Scott Cohen
    Scott Cohen

    you should follow the same theme with diagon alley being diagonally and name it horizont alley or verdic alley

  • Syberyah

    All of the Hermits keep making holes and mountains- which sounds a lot to me like "caves and cliffs" Between you and me, I'm thinking the Hermits just can't wait for 1.18, so they're putting 1.18 in 1.17 XDD

  • playlist plaza
    playlist plaza

    Call it Grain Lane

  • Wolfgang Enders
    Wolfgang Enders

    I can't vouch for anyone else but personally I would love to see a full video of how Grian gathers the gear and enchants it and all that! No timelapses, just the raw footage and maybe Grian verbally walking us through the process.

  • lil Aiku
    lil Aiku

    Wonkally? Grandally?

  • StneCldKilla

    @ 16:34 play lmao f

  • Carlos De la Madrid
    Carlos De la Madrid

    Diagonally xD

  • Sarcasm

    Poor Scar gets scared so easily. I mean like same to be completely honest... Someone touches my shoulder even if I knew they were behind me and I jump out of my skin.

  • Catelyn Bui
    Catelyn Bui

    You’re videos are smashing!!!

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic

    That lag, I'm tellin' ya, keeps doing weird things on Minecraft

  • BertieBoy Shorts
    BertieBoy Shorts

    You Could Call It Diagonally instead of Diagon Alley.

  • Adem Mastalic
    Adem Mastalic

    Diagrian alley

  • Zayn Bye
    Zayn Bye

    Place spore blossoms in the alley it would make it look magical

  • kfshradio

    Tunnel bores are def the way to get deepslate !

  • Harley Martin
    Harley Martin

    I would call it griagon ally

  • Luke Potter Productions
    Luke Potter Productions

    Scar actually walking into the void Grian broke the block and then Scar walking off the platform

  • Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Call it wonky alley

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    Griagon Alley lol

  • Shadowfern

    Grian’s laugh is contagious lmao

  • ItzSxun

    22:32 Scar sounds like Mickey Mouse laughing

  • NS Gamer6939
    NS Gamer6939

    I love you

  • Beatrice Merrell
    Beatrice Merrell

    these buildings were looking a little too straight so I added a bit of ✨WONK ✨

  • Dizzy

    Call it the Galley

  • Queen Moo 🤗
    Queen Moo 🤗

    Griagon alley

  • Eu Critico
    Eu Critico

    how is this type of music( timelaps) called?

  • theredninja2000

    grian pls at some point can you do a setup tour

  • Galactiverse

    I just hate it when you made many progress and they are gone very sad

  • Alex Bromwell
    Alex Bromwell

    When they die I think I’d never get that kind of stuff to throw away.

  • Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis

    How about Galley Alley

  • Heather Close
    Heather Close

    Carcar2824 says to name it “Wonk Alley” since you’re all about the wonk ;)

  • Turbojax07

    Grian, scar walked into the hole too. He would have inevitably fallen and died because he walked the wrong way.

  • Dane Pabilonia
    Dane Pabilonia

    Season 6: Poultry Man Season 7: Door Stealer Im waiting for season 8.

  • kai duca
    kai duca

    9:29 is a popular (ig) tiktok sound :)

  • YourAverageGamer

    TLDR never ever help a friend

  • FallenSun

    Grion alley

  • Understanding YourExperiences
    Understanding YourExperiences

    16:39 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨🙌🏼🙌🏼🤌🏻👌🏻

  • Sleepy Dog
    Sleepy Dog

    forseen, yet funny all the same xD

  • Patrice Cockrell
    Patrice Cockrell

    Wonky Way is looking great.

  • Cheese

    What happened to the Cave Of Temptations?

  • Noodlemations

    This episode had me in tears laughing xD

  • Sad -
    Sad -

    I only watch grian because he builds good.. other than that.. oh my god.

  • Joshua Barrier
    Joshua Barrier

    Yeah you should play Halo like what Daniel berrier said

  • Angela Michelle Joy Stahlfest-Moller
    Angela Michelle Joy Stahlfest-Moller

    Alley name, because it will have your farms to stock shops for producing Diamonds: Dia 'Mond Alley. Just say it with a pause after dia and mond pronounced the same as in Diamond. :)

  • Rat man
    Rat man

    You should call it the "Mountainous Housing-ness"

  • William Tell
    William Tell

    Technically, he jumped in before you broke the cobbelstone 😁