Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE grian does some interior of his base on hermitcraft to try and inject some life into the project. It goes well. Kind of.

  • Tobias Krantz
    Tobias Krantz

    Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bird!

  • Everost


  • Tobias Krantz
    Tobias Krantz

    Just hearing that make-a-wish thing made me tear up... I need to stop watching so many omega sad anime

  • Master_Mega

    As soon as he said he he name of it he broke its name

  • The ultimate Pybro
    The ultimate Pybro

    you could even sell mystery soup by feeding the brown cow different flowers and milking it with a bowl (they give different potion effects)

  • Boshikage Bira
    Boshikage Bira

    “You only get one good time with scar” Not if I pay him enough

  • Gee Buddy
    Gee Buddy

    *now get a baby brown panda*

  • Alli Freestone
    Alli Freestone

    HAHA! i was about to type in chat, "Hey Grian get a blue Axolotl for the place" Then turns out he already had one lol

  • 09PlasmaReaper

    Name of the brown mooshroom you be fungow

  • Evan

    So cool! Does the jeb_ sheep name still work? If so please maybe consider adding a jeb_ Or maybe a dinner bone animal.

  • Feathery Coffee
    Feathery Coffee

    This is just such a good episode, I know you get a lot of these but the chemistry between you and scar is the stuff of legends. Great editing too, overall just fantastic stuff.

  • Peripheralzx

    I think tinted glass with a lighted interior would suit some of the magical menagerie enclosures. Seems a bit too much glass

  • Jelly Sandwiches
    Jelly Sandwiches

    ‘You only get one good time with scar’ Damn sus 100

  • Olivia Césaire Lee
    Olivia Césaire Lee

    I known that brown cows were a thing

  • HollowGaming477

    I was about to comment: why didn’t you just put a lead on the boat with the charged creeper, then I realized this is Java edition

    • HollowGaming477

      You could’ve also utilized invisibility potions

  • anusha nair
    anusha nair

    14:11 something ScHooPId.. Ahh I love the accent 😂

  • ImTotallyPro

    "Lets turn this copper ore into copper ore" -Grian

  • ImTotallyPro

    You should have just used your hand when you were trying to get the boat because boats are entities.

  • yeetamus muskeetamus
    yeetamus muskeetamus


  • יאיר חזקיה
    יאיר חזקיה

    Your last episode is private!!!!!

  • Wenter

    they have been found your servers ip

  • Puppy_1567

    Grian you sounded like an angry villager

  • Aubry Williams
    Aubry Williams

    I’m not very good at Minecraft!!!!!!!!!😕😕😕😕

  • Chris Arh
    Chris Arh

    This is the funniest episode of Hermitcraft ever for me. Scar and Grian are the best duo.

  • Suzanne Keeley
    Suzanne Keeley

    she means grian

  • Suzanne Keeley
    Suzanne Keeley

    i am from the us and i have an idea remember derpcoin make a boatem version

  • dream knight
    dream knight


  • Terracraft


  • Adsy Soulstar
    Adsy Soulstar

    G.I.M.P.S Grian Impulse Mumbo Pearl Scar

  • Kakadu

    when destroying a boat with an important mob inside, you can turn the entity hitboxed visible with F3+B. minecraft hitboxes are weird, especially those of boat, F3+B makes it a lot easier

  • מגמת המוסיקה קרית שרת
    מגמת המוסיקה קרית שרת

    2:50 grian turned into a horse

  • Senketsu Fi
    Senketsu Fi

    cant you just breed mooshroons at your base then burn them?

  • noeneon

    Phantom died from suffocation

  • ninjabackfoot94

    griannn you have not uploaded hermitcraft for a century now post ep 16 already

  • Slimey Zzz
    Slimey Zzz

    I literally skip 10 seconds in the video and it’s just Grian saying “SCAR” with someone’s remains on the ground

  • DeeDee Hebb
    DeeDee Hebb

    MY GOOD FRIEND TIN FOIL CHEF COULD NOT NAVIGATE BOATEM FOR 32 minutes and 34 seconds!!! Could you please market the boatem area better by displaying proper signs for your stores?

  • Austin Foenix
    Austin Foenix

    Grian since you in cave update why not make a giant cave for the egg and have pearlescent co op on making a giant dragon on the top of mountain of egg mountain cave

  • Donovan Douglas
    Donovan Douglas

    Boatem inc. should make an indoor shopping mall, so people know y’all are connected but with different shops.

  • Jacy Dalrymple
    Jacy Dalrymple

    Make a head shop

  • Gregory Whaley
    Gregory Whaley

    Is attaching a lead to a boat a bedrock thing or can it be do e in Java as well? Seems like a much easier way to transport mobs

    • Dr Muraleedharan Nair
      Dr Muraleedharan Nair

      Its a bedrock exclusive feature

  • Jim Head
    Jim Head

    You NEED to take Mumbo’s moustache away! I dare you to rebuild the Moustache Removal Machine 9000 in your base as a centerpiece!

  • Jaron Adams
    Jaron Adams

    Is wyncraft still available

  • A09_Galvez

    What would've work when putting the creeper in the glass or naming it was to prepare a stasis pearl nearby so when he flashes u get teleported instantly

  • squizz

    Grian, the end crystal didn't cause damage to the azaleas. the water that flowed down did.

  • Ted no time
    Ted no time


  • Ember_Enderman

    *B E E S?*

  • Anon

    You forgot Toast

  • Skeledie 87
    Skeledie 87

    11:30 don't you mean your wahafle

  • Frosted Snow
    Frosted Snow

    I had an idea for Boatem Inc. what if you guys gathered up and built some sort of mall. And all your shops will be gather there, and the profits can be split between the hermits and it can fill the hourglasses faster. Instead of a shopping district you could have a shopping center.

  • Xenotric

    gonna turn the pile into copper or what? :P

  • Mario E. Rivera
    Mario E. Rivera

    Grian took so easy the death of the phantom 😢

  • Neth Rothanak
    Neth Rothanak

    Why do put the end crystal near your house?

  • Steve Apas
    Steve Apas

    Put a mail a outside of others hoses and put some paper outside with letter

  • Azrael Gaming
    Azrael Gaming

    Grian when he sees DerpcoinTM: Woah this is worthless!

  • Vanda Isabel
    Vanda Isabel

    Congrats Grian!!! MCU’s Collector from the guardians of the galaxy ain’t got nothing on you!!! I love your menagerie!! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Croissant


    • Dr Muraleedharan Nair
      Dr Muraleedharan Nair

      Wrong series

  • Alan Sherwood
    Alan Sherwood

    I've finally returned to Java and just Minecraft in General. Good to see you again Grian!..................................................................................................................................... .............after a couple of years

  • Jimmi Donald
    Jimmi Donald

    Grian just never uploads hermitcraft

  • Rowan Vance Maghari
    Rowan Vance Maghari

    @Grian name the alley as the opposite of Diagon alley

  • A Hindu Indian
    A Hindu Indian


  • Xixi Wong
    Xixi Wong

    Mumbo has your beacon

  • Frank Tremblay
    Frank Tremblay

    *Grian* ... why dont you bring red mooshrooms to your base and do other things whilst waiting for the storm ?

  • Teankum Stanford
    Teankum Stanford

    breeding a mooshroom with a cow will give a 50/50 chance for a new mooshroom

  • Caden TG
    Caden TG

    Women: I can’t believe he didn’t cry during the titanic! Do men even have feelings? Where real men cried: 24:28

  • GameHunter115

    "I can see my waffle from the inside"

  • Qwakk

    that voice crack at the begging LOL

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow

    Mumbo still has your beacon

  • Warden _56
    Warden _56

    I don’t wanna hate but I think u guys use creative. U have a spore blossom and u can only get them on creative. U cannot get them trading, or crafting or anything so sorry to break it to ya... but u use creative

    • thybo bogaert
      thybo bogaert

      they use a datapack where they can craft the spore blossem with dripleaves and a flower

  • Miles !!
    Miles !!



    The Diagon Alley Theme is a cool idea also you should do the pesky bird thing again

  • V.R 0%de presupuesto
    V.R 0%de presupuesto

    I think you should has the CAM on for this episode, Im sure your faces were hilarious


    You should make your mansion from season seven in an upside down world.

  • SaltoGaming202

    17:08 5 year old me driving past a car dealership

  • im bored
    im bored


  • Thatweirdguy

    Brown panda needed

  • Thatweirdguy

    He do be needing a brown panda

  • LostNation JC
    LostNation JC

    Can we name it Orthogon Alley?

  • Eggsnbakon2new

    "You undercut me I'll cover you in coal."Grian 2021

  • Carmel Mishory
    Carmel Mishory


  • Dark Turbo
    Dark Turbo

    R.I.P Headphone user

  • Da mamoot
    Da mamoot

    13:54 Why aren' you using f3+b? It's a lot easier to make sure you only hit the boat that way. Also standing closer should make it a bit safer.

  • Celine

    petition for giran to call the brown mooshroom "good soup"

  • Jagueb

    The only thing missing from the magical menagerie is a group of vexes. They would fit perfectly!

  • Sollazzoso Spensieratello
    Sollazzoso Spensieratello

    24:27 the funniest moment in the history of Hermitcraft

  • 4mariki

    Scar I feel your pain when the charged cheaper exploded in the enclosure.

  • Scott Appleton
    Scott Appleton

    “The worst boat you’ve ever seen” “a creeper with a phantom in it” Me: “I think he’s tired, the creeper is WITH the phantom in THE SAME BOAT as it, not INSIDE IT.”

  • Scott Appleton
    Scott Appleton

    “Two brain cells” Me: we have two brains connected per human. Left and right halves. They both communicate with each other… UNLESS YOU SPLIT THEIR NERVES. People with spit brains are called “split-brain” people. Sometimes they cannot remember faces, or words. Grian: “sometimes my two brain cells don’t communicate” Me: split brain grain go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • GamerAlvin101 #2
    GamerAlvin101 #2

    Pesky birb

  • The Hash Wizard
    The Hash Wizard

    I've been playing since beta 0.3.2 and I didn't know brown mooshrooms existed. Wow.

  • Pavan Somasundaram
    Pavan Somasundaram

    Grian we would LOVE a Diagon Alley Build Tutorial, I am quite inspired by your diagon alley

  • L0StEmbers

    Brian screaming ‘SCAR’ was the most beautiful thing I’ve heard.

  • AGreyMoose

    I dont know if anyone has said this yet but you should name your Jellie, Gelly

  • Xavier Butter
    Xavier Butter

    mew 2 boo 2?

  • Aiyh Selabac
    Aiyh Selabac

    Please let Grian See this, Grian Call your Alley way The Grally or The Grially And you are the Best MC ISdownsr I Have met you are The Reason I'm watching ISdowns and Hermitcraft Thank You so Much!

    • speddy cat
      speddy cat

      ima like so then he might see it

  • o-o

    Wow I love the menagerie it is soo cool and has very cool architecture. Great Job Grian :)

  • Dragonix

    You should post signs everywhere saying BOATEM DOES NOT ACCEPT DERPCOINS and then make a redstone machine that kills anyone who tries to pay in Derpcoins

  • 21:30 SCAR!!!!

  • CraftTbirdie

    The phantom in a boat in a mine cart reminded me of a roomba so much

  • Phoenix Sweet
    Phoenix Sweet

    Ok, I suggest going to the Pass and Gas stops. I think you'll find something of yours......

  • Laser Cubes
    Laser Cubes

    You should one of the hermits in each of the shops kind of how you said scar looked good in the magical menagerie