Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 - STARTING THE CAVE BASE!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 - STARTING THE CAVE BASE! Grian is back on hermitcraft and has started his proper base! He also made an important sale and has found some competition

  • Gaming Geckos
    Gaming Geckos

    15:32 Huh, Grian doesn't know that hoes are the designated tool for sponges.

  • Diego Escobar
    Diego Escobar

    NO ONE: Literaly No One: ME at 4:40 A gurtle (grian turtle)

  • xXHyphenXx

    oh no grain is again selling PYPP

  • Megan Girl
    Megan Girl

    Exactly 2 seasons ago Grian was a pickle

  • Tech Arts
    Tech Arts

    5:45 National Geography: Grain’s Hermit Tales

  • Picasilly Circus
    Picasilly Circus

    bad day sir

  • Picasilly Circus
    Picasilly Circus

    Grain returns

  • Kristen Wright
    Kristen Wright

    You should have made the station a loaf of bread for the grain (if you watched season 7, you'll get it) Also greatest scam of season 7 is the rotten flesh deal

  • RectalResizer-3000

    In soviet Russia, boat ride you

  • Raccoon!


  • Grian's David Attenborough is amazingly hilarious

  • knockout gaming
    knockout gaming

    Grian just to let u know that where im from. A g train is a sex thing with 1 male and a bunch of females or the other way around

  • Jennifer Galvan
    Jennifer Galvan

    You just build another quarter next to it and then place the sponge in the nether and then I'll try and keep on doing that

  • Matthew Howson
    Matthew Howson

    how is nobody talking about the fact that there was no chest-plate in the perhaps you perished parcel

  • DarkControl227

    Season 9: Demise, did you Deliveries

  • Percentagon

    15:23 USED TOO?? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? I remember your little room tour and showed em

  • Jack Strawn
    Jack Strawn

    3:31 Dear Cod... That's a lot of fish

  • iPhone plays
    iPhone plays

    grian you did the die box in season 7

  • Naomie Gauthier
    Naomie Gauthier

    3:23 Alright let me get off of that thing

  • Esteban Velazquez
    Esteban Velazquez


  • Chelsea Peters
    Chelsea Peters

    me at 1:07: helmet + leggings + boots = s ᴜ s (also why no chestplate?)

  • Puppy Unicorn21
    Puppy Unicorn21

    New mcyt ship: grumbo ❤️❤️

  • ♡Bee♡

    3:32 g-spring (grian offspring)

  • Rachel Fray
    Rachel Fray

    Grian, next season you do a 'did you die box', maybe call it something like 'were you wrecked wallet'?

  • Sidney Phipps
    Sidney Phipps

    Lukethenotable should join hermitcraft

    • Percentagon

      Nah not really. Hermit craft is kind of people who are masters at what they do. Like building, redstone all that stuff. Luke wouldnt really match well with the other hermits or the server itself. Hes still great at what he specializes in

    • Sidney Phipps
      Sidney Phipps

      Plz make this happen

  • Mr Blubbys
    Mr Blubbys

    I think that Grian should rename the G-train to The Grail

  • Teddy no arms and foxy show Lolz
    Teddy no arms and foxy show Lolz

    Get netherite

  • []

    "perhaps you perished bundle" why is this the most british thing I've heard in a while.

  • Goog Galaxy
    Goog Galaxy

    GGGGGGGGrian 🍞🍞🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • adam best
    adam best

    Anyone remember when grian mad when called grain? Now hes making a bread train

  • Homem Ovelha
    Homem Ovelha

    this is a megabase, but the other seasons bases were gigabases

  • Isaac Tippetts
    Isaac Tippetts

    Grian: I don't like repeating things season to season. Everyone: Well...there were wars...and there were tags...

  • Rio Kiely
    Rio Kiely

    Put your sponge in the nether and it'll instantly dry

  • Drdr lovr
    Drdr lovr

    g trad

  • Nadine Candelora
    Nadine Candelora

    "It's neither a cave nor a cliff, it's a chasm." I swear that monocle shined a little brighter-

  • PuffyAxolotl


  • DatsMia

    20:08 Mumbo and Grian: *having hypothermia romantically*

  • Yoed Gonzalez
    Yoed Gonzalez

    Any payment?😏😏

  • RageGamer 318
    RageGamer 318


  • I am Cool
    I am Cool

    i think i now excatly what scar is doing he is trying to buy peoples attics so he can hide the teeg in it

  • Jake and Friend’s
    Jake and Friend’s

    He constrecc (?) He collec but most importantly, He dapper as hecc. This is referring to scar btw

  • Jacob Pruszyński
    Jacob Pruszyński

    Did grian do a fez impression?!?

  • A Random Noob
    A Random Noob

    hide ideea hide the egg next time in a nother base like mumbos or so... ther dont know and wond serch ther

  • Khushbu Agrawal
    Khushbu Agrawal


  • Letho _
    Letho _

    There is a new ship, jumbo x grian 😂😂😂 BEFORE ANYONE SAYS THATS WEIRD I AM AWARE, ITS A JOKE

  • Sciew Clash Royale
    Sciew Clash Royale

    I’m confused is netherite banned or do people just choose not to get it

  • tevabble

    20:12 romeo and juliet looks a lot different than i remember smh smh

  • cabage savage75
    cabage savage75

    With the egg like the hobit

  • cabage savage75
    cabage savage75

    Your making a dragon cave

  • cabage savage75
    cabage savage75

    Love ur sord

  • Rubik and Bugs
    Rubik and Bugs

    How did you get xp bottles

  • Boat Cyr
    Boat Cyr

    Was anyone else dying when he was using an axe for the sponge

  • John Laurence Ortiz
    John Laurence Ortiz

    This is awkward because I just watch a video about you swearing for about 6 minutes

  • Jonathan McIntyre
    Jonathan McIntyre

    my sister also had one it died :(

  • Kai Galaxy
    Kai Galaxy

    If u put wet sponges in the nether they'll immediately dry

  • Bapple Gaming
    Bapple Gaming

    What is the music used in the video called?

  • Miguelito Ocampo
    Miguelito Ocampo

    we want the name did you die boxes not that switch it!!!

  • Jaden _L
    Jaden _L

    By the way you can auto smelt sponge in the nether by placing it down

  • Mac Edward Briones
    Mac Edward Briones

    Fact: You can dry sponges in the nether.

  • Pixelg5173

    I am watching Grians perspective after I watched Mumbos (up to 14) and just seeing the different side of the attic they are on when it comes to building is rly interesting 🤔 I’m sorry lol

  • Xerek Hitchcock
    Xerek Hitchcock

    I screamed when I saw your rare axolotol

  • Sir. SmellsAlot
    Sir. SmellsAlot

    grian was doing illegal things because axolotls are exotic animals meaning you cant keep one as a pet

  • Sir. SmellsAlot
    Sir. SmellsAlot

    dude grians gonna be so rich

  • chicken

    breaking news: crazy man screams ‘IM SUPERMAN!’ while suspended mid air in between a boat and a spike, then proceeds to fly away.

  • Caspian Williams
    Caspian Williams

    Friendly handshake! *stabs you in the chest*

  • Nate Yauck
    Nate Yauck

    Hermitcraft, a home for veteran Minecraft players who know the game like the back of their hand. And then break sponges with an axe and put them in furnaces

  • “good day fine chaps”

  • Ayaan Dsouza
    Ayaan Dsouza


  • Manasi Malandkar
    Manasi Malandkar

    Just placing sponges in the Nether dries them

  • Dex Infinity
    Dex Infinity

    big but not mega

  • Mr. Extremis
    Mr. Extremis

    When he gonna get netherite armour :/

  • Benlego2017

    there should be a texture pack where the snow crystals at the edge of the screen while freezing are replaced by love hearts

  • Jackson Watkinson
    Jackson Watkinson

    I’m behind, but I’m predicting something like Erebor or Petra Edit: I was wrong; it’s more interesting than my ideas

  • DKlett

    An idea to achieve *ULTIMATE ZOOM* :Spy glass, powder snow, Optifine and slowness potion

  • That Smart Idiot
    That Smart Idiot

    Imagine joining the Hermitcraft server and at some point, you strike up a deal with Grian where you offer to pay Zhight money for something, probably potions of healing, and then seeing Grian react along the lines of "Why does that feel familiar...? OH." NGL I wish I could've done this but sadly I am not rich, skilled or old enough for that. A boy can dream though.

  • Commander

    Grian: i have my minecart with a furnace… Me, who uses redstone tracks: how is that possible

  • Cooper Anderson
    Cooper Anderson

    Put a wet sponge in the nether and it will dry out

  • Justin Peters
    Justin Peters

    Did anyone else notice how he had a blue axolotl? They're super rare

  • Sebastian Resurreccion
    Sebastian Resurreccion

    Ok, This is how me and mom met 20:10

  • UwU

    20:11 romantic

  • V̶o̶i̶d̶

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok is the have gonna be like a gem or like crystal cave thingy I'm putting too much thought into this

  • Karolina Hamilton
    Karolina Hamilton

    19:08 yep you did it again you made the resolution not right

  • sixty4

    He didn’t just made it high… … he just made it very L O W

  • The Noob Animations
    The Noob Animations

    20:06the most romantic scene in all of Hermitcraft’s history

  • charlie hustle
    charlie hustle

    Is any one else getting 3, 15second ads?

  • Legends

    18:35 Goblin Slaye4: DID SOMEONE SAY GOBLIN?!

  • Allyson Ruiz
    Allyson Ruiz

    20:09 👀👅👀

  • Jessikitty Doodles
    Jessikitty Doodles

    I think it mine I think though

  • Adam HILL
    Adam HILL

    He is super man

  • Christopher Tate
    Christopher Tate

    ad a texture pack to play that music whenever you're in powdered snow

  • CosmicKitty 360
    CosmicKitty 360

    If you smelt a wet sponge in a furnace and put a bucket in the bottom you get a bocket (lol I misspelled that) of water and a dry sponge

  • Kiznaiver

    13:38 yo wait isnt that the rarest color of axolotle Quick search: its not..

  • Dylan Gurvitch
    Dylan Gurvitch

    Make it so you look through the spyglass with your monocle

  • Shinobu caron
    Shinobu caron

    Grian: I will be exepting all payments Other hermits:ill pay 10 bammbo

  • Evan Syiem
    Evan Syiem

    AC in the tree What are u looking at

  • Joshua Keen
    Joshua Keen

    I love you sense of humor

  • Mashruba Wazed
    Mashruba Wazed

    Grian Placing Wet sponges In The nether Instantly dries them.

  • Matthew Rhodes
    Matthew Rhodes

    Blue axalotll

  • MineBur

    What's the name of ur second channel?


    Thanks that i am amazing!