Hermitcraft 8: Episode 8 - THE G-TRAIN
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 8 - THE G-TRAIN Grian starts the grain, g train barge 2 whatever you want to call it! Mumbo introduces grian to the wonders of end crystals on hermitcraft... With explosive results. Things just got more fun!

Watch the base inspiration video here (also subscribe to my second channel it would be cool to get it to 1 mil subs): www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHnpc...

  • Gellybean 624
    Gellybean 624

    Among us

  • BandanaBrian bentree
    BandanaBrian bentree

    "Great news in my second channel- THE AGRIVE PERSON SPENDS 92 HOURS A YEAR TRYING TO FALL ASLEEP whEn YoU aDD AUdIblE- me: ok, thats nice.

  • SomberSnupdoge

    "If you just spontaneously explode, I'm okay with that!" - Grian 2021

  • Hi


  • Vanilla

    21:04 … Shoto that you?

  • Hasanayn Basman
    Hasanayn Basman

    I thought it was moving G-train

  • IcedMilk XD
    IcedMilk XD

    Anyone else binge watching with no sense of time or space

  • Terry The Banking Engine#642
    Terry The Banking Engine#642

    I have a good track design for the g-train. Start by placing two dark oak slabs, then, on each side of that, put one oak slab per side. With stone stairs, place them in between the side, and the middle. On both sides. You should end up with approximately this shape: _|_|_ Key: |= stone stairs, _= dark oak slabs. Make sure the first stair step faces outward, and if you put some more stone stairs beside it, it will look like a set of rails with a tie in between. Keep building this as long as you want, and that will be the track. The rails have two blocks in between them, so that would be “gauge 4’. Just a suggestion.

  • marky 34
    marky 34

    Do hermits have a streaming channels?

  • Nathan Gomez
    Nathan Gomez

    Well you ever show us a tutarial of your G train because I have been trying to build a train and it would be awesome.

  • Ricks Refurbished
    Ricks Refurbished

    Something something end crystals something something oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  • bean


  • Sri Ramya Kethineedi
    Sri Ramya Kethineedi

    When I saw iskalls mega base I was like bruhhhhhhhh bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Andresplay kids
    Andresplay kids


  • Zilla

    Mega base:1million blocks Giga base:2.5-5 million Monstrosity:10million blocks

  • BiddlyBob

    I love how mumbo is peace love and plants, and yet he sells literal explosives

  • YagBoyCyns Gaming
    YagBoyCyns Gaming

    Welcome to hermitcraft. The youngest Anarchy server in minecraft. Try YOUR hands on crystal pvp!

  • Elizabeth Walters
    Elizabeth Walters

    Grian placing down anvils actually sounded like a train crossing warning

  • Chris Gaitan
    Chris Gaitan

    4:44 “Egg shenanigans out of the way, let’s get ‘cracking’”

  • Nerds In A Nutshell
    Nerds In A Nutshell

    Incorrect bee puns are the lowest of the low

  • Vivamix Gaming
    Vivamix Gaming

    Oh my... Impulses base layout is enormous! And I thought SmallishBeans base was big!

  • sanjay patil
    sanjay patil

    Mumbo eat jumbo

  • Blueblade Animation & Gaming
    Blueblade Animation & Gaming

    “If you spontaneously explode, I’m okay with that.” Grian 2021

  • Keracia

    Mumbo kinda sus

  • emma langhorne
    emma langhorne

    now what is the american/canadian version of "strawverry laces" cuz like is that like a shoe laces name??? srsly confused here

  • Shelby Conners
    Shelby Conners

    Oh my gosh... Like the End Crystal thing... Its like if you put a Cat next to a ball of yarn

  • kowboycup

    They have not know of end Cristal combat all this time

  • sus

  • 💙 Evie 💙
    💙 Evie 💙


  • The awesome Maia
    The awesome Maia

    just as he said “100%” i put my apple pencil on my ipad and it said that it was charged 100% at the same as he said it 😂👌❤️

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    14:24 That sword has a long name, I wonder what it says. Proceeds to spend the next few minutes pausing on the video.....oh well played Grian but yes already am :)

  • Geraldtube


  • Moritz Klippert
    Moritz Klippert

    "I am only yolking" :D

  • M3g4bl4z3

    What do you mean it's a sustainable base

  • boneshakerjake

    I love when people take a build and carry it to the next season imagine if you made the barge look like it was floqating over to the island

  • LagDaemon Programming
    LagDaemon Programming

    How about Loco Notions

  • Shadow Snake
    Shadow Snake

    If you have enough water, it won't destroy anything, but it is a pain.

  • Assassinator_XD Aka Asesineitor XD
    Assassinator_XD Aka Asesineitor XD

    12:19 is just too great XD

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    This is an EGGselent video

  • ARomanName123

    20:12 “Dude i was editing, i heard a noise and i was like what is grian doing?” Okay, just gotta finish up this, edit this out, put a filter on this….whats that sou-BANG

  • ARomanName123

    9:03 HILARIOUS

  • Abdelhakim 12
    Abdelhakim 12

    Hermitcraft became tb2t🤝

  • ARomanName123

    A M O G U S

  • omrd aj
    omrd aj

    Season 7 Back of the mansionnn Season 8 Front of the train


    Why dose the outline of Grian's cave base look like a seal with its head up??

  • Loki 7483859
    Loki 7483859

    I was like oh he is doing the wheels out of anvils that’s expensive. But NO the WHOLE RAIL SYSTEM IS OUT OF ANVILS!!!

  • David SFS
    David SFS

    I got goosebumps when grian got proud of mumbo's building progress :')

  • Georgie pig
    Georgie pig

    mumbos red layout looks like console controller and among us character

  • _d1

    i mean the among us looks liek a ps control

  • Ryleigh McGowen
    Ryleigh McGowen

    How dumbo is mumbo? Dumb enough to sell grian explosive shiny things

  • Acaden1

    make a iron farm

  • Deadly spinosaur
    Deadly spinosaur

    Anyone else sometimes wonder How hermit craft gets new hermits do they just select some randoms or something idk

  • Star Wars Center
    Star Wars Center

    Mumbos base - ngl pretty sus bro

  • Julia Orlandini
    Julia Orlandini

    Mumbos base is an armchair and impulses base is the whole couch

  • NCRSlaughter18

    You should try an iron farm

  • Sjors Ammeraal
    Sjors Ammeraal

    Mumbo's base looking kinds sus...

  • Hashim Alkooheji
    Hashim Alkooheji

    The egg puns are eggsellent

  • TSamuel808

    9:00 is nobody going to talk about this Sweet Revenge/Karma Act of Mumbo? Well ok, he DID blew himself up too along side Grian, but still!

    • TSamuel808

      But man i love this Laugh from Grian.

  • CondorMeat!

    Nobody: Grian at the start of the video: Mumbo's base be lookin' kinda...S U S

  • Ko Ko
    Ko Ko


  • A Random Kid
    A Random Kid

    15:19 yoooo eren jeager that you?

  • Sam dreaming
    Sam dreaming


  • Logan Plumley
    Logan Plumley

    Mumbos mountain looks like a chair🤔

  • Gus Mahan
    Gus Mahan

    Egg shananEGGans aside, let's get cracking on our carriage

  • Bukkis the shiny Xurkitree
    Bukkis the shiny Xurkitree

    If the egg pun is low then where would the bee pun eggsactly bee and beecause of that the bee pun is equal to the egg pun so is anyone gona pun-ch me now

  • TOMato Pyx
    TOMato Pyx

    Egg puns out of the way. two seconds later, let's get cracking xD.

  • GTrim31

    @grian can you make a tutorial for the train

  • neth de leon
    neth de leon

    Not just sus, VERY,VERY SUSSUS.

  • Mixu


  • Gengar94

    It's only episode 8 and Grian already started 3 wars...

  • Zyl Venoin
    Zyl Venoin

    Grian using a bunch of anvil meanwhile me in my world: '____'

  • Aidan Roza
    Aidan Roza

    Get "cracking"? haha VERY funny Grian VERY funny

  • AnshdeepJawandha

    I like more of the choo choo grain bc its just grian with the a and i switched so in my opinion its beter

  • Dev Tru
    Dev Tru

    is there an actual shopping district this season?

  • RyucatXD


  • samurai x
    samurai x

    When did grian get a second becon

  • verycoolduck

    *when the Mumbo sus*

  • TheDailyYashy

    Lmao I’m a month late but to be fair, egg puns are medi-yoke-r at best

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    ‘Egg puns out of the way, we should now get cracking…’ Thought we wouldnt notice, but we did

  • lois /lexx
    lois /lexx

    There is 20 egg puns in this video

  • The Hotpotato6969
    The Hotpotato6969

    Egg puns out of the way let’s get CRACKING

  • Alberto almare
    Alberto almare

    AMOGUS 0:11 why mumbo no like? Sus amogus is best game and meme

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed

    uknow that awkward moment where grian says a nostalgic thing which sounds weird like idk lookey lookey at my bookey and u have now idea what in the world that means... Yup me neither

  • Lucky Gacha
    Lucky Gacha


  • Hảo Nguyễn Thiên
    Hảo Nguyễn Thiên

    Grian is the first among us player say the whole word of "SUS" -suspicious 0:06 Edit: the G-train looks SUS

  • Ahmed Alhamadi
    Ahmed Alhamadi

    I’am a crystal pvpier so if you have a question reply on this comment.

  • magmaboy46

    sussus mumbus jumbus

  • Prathmesh Kale
    Prathmesh Kale

    Puns are the lowest form of comedy?? Is this a Haikyuu reference?? 😂

  • Yeet-Boi 08
    Yeet-Boi 08

    He should make a new company like Sahara maybe mountain based since its amazon Sahara and now it can be Everest

  • Yeet-Boi 08
    Yeet-Boi 08

    The G stands for Golgi

  • Spirit Wolfy
    Spirit Wolfy

    I'm very glad Grian is enjoying building so much this season, the puns are great :D

  • r_spelly

    4:40 Who else notice that grian said “egg puns out of the way, LETS GET CRACKING” 🤣🤣🤣

  • That Smart Idiot
    That Smart Idiot

    Imagine joining the Hermitcraft server and at some point, you strike up a deal with Grian where you offer to pay Zhight money for something, probably potions of healing, and then seeing Grian react along the lines of "Why does that feel familiar...? OH." NGL I wish I could've done this but sadly I am not rich, skilled or old enough for that. A boy can dream though.

  • GGJayMC

    I don't know you're Barge last season was amazing

  • Tamiti Baldry
    Tamiti Baldry

    Impulse builds off of impulse

  • Nick Johnston
    Nick Johnston

    If you surrounded an end crystal with obsidian, and then blew it up, would it still cause damage?

  • Luke Nelmes
    Luke Nelmes

    Grain stops with the egg jokes and then say let’s getting cracking 😂😂

  • VenusFlytrap

    “I’m only yolking”

  • 小亮

    My dude really sacrificed 70 something levels… just to blow up

  • 小亮

    Now, as much as I love your train, and I do, I really do. You COULD make the Mugen Train from Demon Slayer