Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - BIG BOATEM MEETING
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - BIG BOATEM MEETING Grian is back on hermitcraft to discuss the mega base and the boatem corporation with one of his famous and very serious meeting rooms.

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson

    For the creeper farm build you should put a sign outside saying scar don't go in here

  • Addison Becker
    Addison Becker

    Teg 2 Electric Boogaloo

  • Manoj K
    Manoj K

    Rip poetry man

    • Manoj K
      Manoj K

      I mean poletria

  • Siffrin

    You are not allowed to be the manager of happiness. Everyone o_0 Grian no like happiness

  • Christopher John Barrinuevo
    Christopher John Barrinuevo

    9:47 what.... hes pvping someone?

  • CharlieHasMyBunda Hehehehe
    CharlieHasMyBunda Hehehehe


  • Laila Olsen
    Laila Olsen

    Has anyone ever mumbo.. mombo, mom...

  • Laila Olsen
    Laila Olsen

    Peace, love and no pants again

  • Mr. Nugget
    Mr. Nugget

    I just watched this video made by this dude called PonZieGuy and he made a avengers video thing a bob

  • Helge Holme
    Helge Holme

    9:46 "Hello There"

  • Gooser


  • lilcap1

    “Meatings” and marketing 😂 Deaths at all meetings

  • Rose S
    Rose S


  • Caro SalazarL
    Caro SalazarL

    ive thought of a way both literally unite the bases and thematicly, so impulse's base instead of being a normal factory it should be some sort of mining place or something mining the mountains

  • JwkusekYT

    Did anyone else see Cub in the time-lapse pause frame getting hit by something?

  • Sophia Coats-Clemans
    Sophia Coats-Clemans

    CEO entrepreneur, Mumbo, Mumbo Jumbo Come on Mumbo you can do it Pave the way put your back in to it Tell us why Show us how Look at where you came from look at you now

  • lI- Otherversian -Il
    lI- Otherversian -Il

    I think it would've been bloody hilarious if they didn't make Mumbo the CEO, but instead, made the Peace Love and No Pants Mumbo *statue* that Grian built the CEO.

  • BLoCK

    I know I’m late and a few episodes behind on this, but a suggestion for a new boatem meeting place is an actual meeting room, but everyone sits in a minecart that, with the flick of a switch, shoots them in the hold

  • Good times with Calmzy
    Good times with Calmzy

    why is cubfan in the time lapse at 9:47

  • Stonegem

    Boat inc

  • James Fiddler
    James Fiddler

    10:05 general grievous x2

  • James Fiddler
    James Fiddler

    3:25 general grievous you are a bold one

  • Ted Mith
    Ted Mith

    Forgot about treasurer

  • Sulphur

    Idea, move the G-Train in to a built king's cross inspired station. (So basically the G-Train is the hogwarts express.)

  • 8:17

  • si00x

    why has no hermit made a clash of clans base??????????

  • Seachlan Ididnotknowicouldhavealastnameofthislength
    Seachlan Ididnotknowicouldhavealastnameofthislength

    if only all producers had such ideas...well, hmm

  • Logan Melton
    Logan Melton

    10:07 he said hello there then pearl knew he said that so she also dropped down because obi wan kenobi

    • Joy


  • Lloyd Ivenn
    Lloyd Ivenn

    My favorite is the blue warped leaning building! Because it’s blue! Which is my favorite color!!

  • Intellectual Kitty Cat
    Intellectual Kitty Cat

    Gem is right, they’re weirdos

  • Chris Gaitan
    Chris Gaitan

    9:46 What’s Cub doing?😂

    • Joy

      Thats what i was wondering

  • Happy Magolor
    Happy Magolor

    Grian:more meatings like this keep them quick keep them snappy Me:keep them deadly

  • The Finkie
    The Finkie

    "Let me call a meeting where I tell everyone what to do and refuse to accept any feedback from anyone else."

  • Jhon Wilson
    Jhon Wilson

    Call it meeting pole

  • CreativeName GoesHere
    CreativeName GoesHere

    Don't mind me, I'm just marking my favourite clip from this episode: 14:57

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon

    19:09 it’s the mayor campaign all over again

  • Nonyanae - Ava Symes
    Nonyanae - Ava Symes

    Boatem Alley? Boatagon Alley?

  • 💙 Evie 💙
    💙 Evie 💙

    "The best thing about this entire thing is that Mumbo has no idea about this" *It's Mumbo for Mayor all over again*

  • Garrett Kelley
    Garrett Kelley

    Why do I get diagon alley vibes from grians build

  • Yamada Issei
    Yamada Issei

    Impulse made me laugh cry when he died so he can be head of happiness.

  • zuki moon
    zuki moon

    4,205 days of tegg wow

  • Nicholas Palus
    Nicholas Palus

    the person at 9:47 was in the perfect place at the perfect time to do a photo bomb

  • TheGeminIDK

    The split second scream from Pearl when she was blown up absolutely sent me lol

  • Societal Rogue
    Societal Rogue

    CEO entrepreneur, Mambo, Mambo Jambo come on Mambo you can do it pave the way put your back into it

  • Christian Augsburger
    Christian Augsburger

    What da Cub doin

  • DividedPhantom

    tegg 2: electric boogaloo

  • tiadiff

    ...you know that making mumbo the ceo is gonna force the shopping district to be vegan because mumbo will 100% tell you not to sell anything that involves death

  • Escoblius54

    mumbo for mayor flashbacks

  • The Minecraft podcast
    The Minecraft podcast

    How come the screen went black for like 1/4 of a second grain

  • Patrick Christmann
    Patrick Christmann

    whats the song i need to know

  • Kyanite14

    I’m surprised nobody threw an egg at him as soon as he finished explaining how the meeting worked

  • Kyanite14

    That was the equivalent of the boss throwing the guy out the window meme

  • Kyanite14

    Should’ve gave mumbo an end crystal and throw an egg at it for no reason

  • Axol

    Idea make the g train enter the mountain like a train tracks in the mountain🚂🚋🚃🚋🚃🚋🚃

  • Jean-Peeire

    I liked the Poultry Man reference during the meeting

  • Thunderbrine Voltz
    Thunderbrine Voltz

    Am I seeing Cubfan at the alleyway

  • Prelaw Cape
    Prelaw Cape

    Mother of boatum, Mumbo

  • Eshan Ramteke
    Eshan Ramteke

    best time-lapse music: doo doo doo wool train

  • theo schilt
    theo schilt

    lets have an F in the chat for impulse it was so funny when grian the gr-ain man get it ! He blew him up. it was the best thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heath Walker
    Heath Walker

    your redstone was accidental nexus event ;)

  • Khirk Luis Eparwa
    Khirk Luis Eparwa

    Im calling it! Wide mumbo should be named *w u m b o*

  • Bree Willard
    Bree Willard

    Grian and Mumbo is my favourite hermitcraft duo

  • Kayla Laster
    Kayla Laster

    CEO and something something born in 1964 MUMBO MUMBO JUMBO

  • SeVII7en


  • Emily Líbal
    Emily Líbal

    I think the black building in Grian’s base is too short.

  • Nicolas Ferko
    Nicolas Ferko

    9:47 cub

  • DarthKylo

    the new grey building on the end looks like it could be a cool super smelter building

  • Wrong.Mauldamort

    cegg cake-tegg

  • StaRwars braInbuSters
    StaRwars braInbuSters

    It would be really cool if gr

  • Fanachy


  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris

    Should make a mall

  • DBSGaming

    9:47 hi cub watchu doing

  • Projekt Taku
    Projekt Taku

    "what if we made mumbo the chicken man." Poultry Man:"EGGCUSE ME!"

  • Natural Generic Name
    Natural Generic Name

    When i heard about the boatem is gonna make a inc. On top if my head all i heard is Doofenshmirtz evil Incomperated jingle on my head

  • innocent guy
    innocent guy

    you all bottem people can make a fun minigame😊

  • Landen Does YouTube
    Landen Does YouTube

    day 11 of asking Grian to do Qs and As During timelapses

  • Angela

    Grian is like: I assure you mumbo you will be CEO

  • Lockydocky

    Rip ender pearls in the void

  • English,basics

    U could name it tlag u need to make lagXD

    • English,basics

      Just kidding

  • Alex

    grian: what should mumbo be? scar: eye-candy

  • Irreverent Radiation
    Irreverent Radiation

    Everyone: *Hiding the Tegg in sneaky places around their bases* Cub: *laughs in Jigsaw*

  • B-ussaid 843
    B-ussaid 843

    That mumbo accent was perfect

  • Paris Nicole
    Paris Nicole

    mumbo for mayor flashbacks

  • Frankenlemon

    You should create catwalks between the buildings.

  • Grouchy Z
    Grouchy Z

    MumbO JumbO CeO of boatem cO

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar


  • Xayther

    can we all agree that “CEO of Boatem Co.” has a nice ring to it

  • David Wesley
    David Wesley

    The next tag game has to have something to do with 1.18 he could probably do something with goats


    You shoudnt remove the teeg monument

  • Mark Storm
    Mark Storm


  • Eagle-brawl stars
    Eagle-brawl stars

    6.9 million subs that’s what I wished for xD

  • jrwoody's stuff
    jrwoody's stuff


  • Lila Resse
    Lila Resse

    I think I can trust Grian with the egg but if he gives it to someone by accident then the end will come for you

  • ꧁☯︎Itz_RøčkėtÇrâftシ︎

    Impulse: can i be in charge of happiness? **Grain kills impulse** No.

  • Anthony Marro
    Anthony Marro

    I ❤️ grian

    • Anthony Marro
      Anthony Marro

      Me too

  • Fluffy :̢̼͕D̢͕͙
    Fluffy :̢̼͕D̢͕͙

    Just mine in 3:06

  • Gaby Sis
    Gaby Sis

    I don’t know why, but the little ”rip boatem” in the corner at 19.00 cracks me up🤣

  • James Warner
    James Warner

    Mumbo jumbo is the CEO whaaaaaaatt.!!🙀🙃

  • CiscoXD

    Maybe in season 9 the tag with be called tig

  • Sadie Funtash
    Sadie Funtash

    are we going to ignore the fact scar called mumbo eye candy