Hermitcraft 8: Episode 3 - BASE PROGRESS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 3 - BASE PROGRESS! Grian back on hermitcraft for episode 3 and is making a sheep farm, improving his starter base and getting elytra

  • Noah Coomey
    Noah Coomey

    16:32 Bluhehlah-

  • Chunky Monkey
    Chunky Monkey

    Man you know you’re winning at life when you can go on trips just to find inspiration for your Minecraft base.

  • xXHyphenXx

    i have never met any one that said "ender tic tac"

  • Isaac Wheeler
    Isaac Wheeler

    But the copper is green

  • Rosie Benson
    Rosie Benson

    9:09 i was scared too ngl.. even though i know its not a thing-

  • Jerothoods

    no hate just saying this to the editor wich i asume is grian if so pls turn the music down when speaking bc i hear more music than speaking love you

  • IceCubes Films
    IceCubes Films

    Wait a minute……. Grian’s back window is SUS

    • IceCubes Films
      IceCubes Films

      Pause at 3:55 It looks like AMOGUS

  • Phoenix Gaming119
    Phoenix Gaming119

    11:57 Grian is scarrrrred for life

  • Judy Calleja
    Judy Calleja

    Climb with four legs

  • Judy Calleja
    Judy Calleja

    How did the creeper

  • SoloTheDoggo

    3 episodes In and he may have started a war already.

  • JtheBerry Yt
    JtheBerry Yt

    2 l8 rn lol

  • the king of jesters
    the king of jesters

    Grian:You can rule out fantasy builds. Also grian: builds diagon alley

  • Isaiah DP
    Isaiah DP

    11:27 were he sneaks in scars wagon

  • Sero Hanta
    Sero Hanta

    If 2,000 blocks is considered miles.. what about 30,000? I had to make that journey just to find a stupid mansion

  • Areon6095

    i am not the only one who always left out the first ladder? creepers could always climb ladders right?

  • waka

    Grian's house is the embodiment of " dont leave any spots blank"

  • Nepo Kenny
    Nepo Kenny

    Litterially grians new medieval punishment, not the gietine, not the hangman’s noose, it’s the boatem pole

  • Sandy Vu
    Sandy Vu

    "you look like a chocolate chip cookie and a delicious one at that" top tier compliment right there

  • It's Small Brain Time :)
    It's Small Brain Time :)

    *They climb now...*

  • William Balding
    William Balding

    it looks like *::OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Seamus McCudden
    Seamus McCudden

    Grian your practically hanging the goats. What you did they even do to you? Nothing. Which is why you should hang them. THEY NEED TO WORSHIP OUR LORD GRIAN!

  • Maxcol Olarte
    Maxcol Olarte

    grian THE GOAT

  • DaRealMLG7


  • CAT_Loving_G4MER

    Your house looks like something from a Ghibli movie

  • Natalia Perez
    Natalia Perez

    I just started watching this when I saw them taking goats I thot of the goatom pole

  • ARomanName123

    Goatem pole, boatem pole, boatem hole Lore ahead To complete the prophecy, you must go in all 3. Long ago, the 4 gods(Grian, GoodTimesWithScar, Pearlmoon, and Mumbo Jumbo) created the Boatem pole. It was amazing but it had obstructed the view of the First God’s great castle. The 4 Gods had to move it. It is now in the center of the Gods’ Village. A Boatem Pole wasn’t enough, they felt. So they created the Boatem Hole, a misshapen hole that was dug through the world. Every day, they would throw a sacrifice into the Boatem Hole. But what about the Goatem Pole, you ask? Well, 2 evil foreign gods created a mimic of the great Boatem Hole. The rest of the story I do not know, but the Boatem Hole, Boatem Pole, and the Goatem Pole still remains today.

  • Jaxen Olds
    Jaxen Olds

    creepers have been able to cli,b ladders for a WHILE, Grian.

  • Shadow

    8:42 that's just smooth lmao

  • Ghostyboy 7568
    Ghostyboy 7568

    Who is this grain cgharicter

  • Boxersteavee

    Season 6: modern builds Season 7: everyone in a jungle with mixed modern/ancient Season 8: medieval style

  • 64plants

    actually yeah i agree (pause the video) 16:11

  • Kashyap C Krishnan
    Kashyap C Krishnan

    The big window was like an axalot the eye as sign

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed

    your house is an opera house

  • Tommy Stofko
    Tommy Stofko

    9:17 its a scarehermit lol

  • Star Wars Center
    Star Wars Center

    “It’s like our hardcore end game thing!!” -Scar 2021

  • Acumi the Reaper
    Acumi the Reaper

    No one: Grian's House: :O

  • a cactus
    a cactus

    18:44 this cuts off at the wrong moment...

  • Adorablycute Kitten
    Adorablycute Kitten

    "they climb ladders now" grian. They've been doing that for years.

  • Naomie Gauthier
    Naomie Gauthier

    You've heard of the squither, now get ready for the pumpkither

  • Edmond Lattimer
    Edmond Lattimer

    its the tegg that the game


    Is no one gonna mention the fact that Grian said that the Blue goes nicely with the Green?? Anyone watch the DreamSMP?? :)

    • Aries_ Fox
      Aries_ Fox

      I was looking for a comment like this as soon as I heard it XD

  • Isaac Tippetts
    Isaac Tippetts

    Creeper+ladder=heat seeking missile

  • Volcanic

    *hoooooooooooooooooo* -Grian 2021

  • David Clancy
    David Clancy

    The hell is wrong with you killing innocent goats

  • Caleb B
    Caleb B

    I like how copper turns slightly more green every time you leave it out, and I like the oxidized copper, and if your reading this scar, when I get added to hermitcraft, don't sad my roof

    • Caleb B
      Caleb B


  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson

    How do you join hermitcraft

  • Admin

    2:34 well it look's like there is a black hole coming from the BOTTOM, ON THE BOATEM POLE hopefully that make sense.

  • neth de leon
    neth de leon


  • Alfiekinnies

    17:00 Grian unintentionally discovers achievement speedrun tactic of pearling while levitating.

  • Michelle Armer
    Michelle Armer

    I cant wait for Grian to eventually fly into the tree that he made for Mumbo XD Wouldn't that be funny tho-

  • Daniel Hyman
    Daniel Hyman

    There should 100% be a texture pack that retextures dragon eggs to party hats

  • i draw alot of monkeys
    i draw alot of monkeys

    girls sleepovers: I hope we all tell scary stories and watch a movie boys sleepovers: 18:51

  • a_foreshadowing_cara


  • BLACK gold institute from bitcoin
    BLACK gold institute from bitcoin

    You can milk coats

  • Bruhhh

    15:49 my god that is dedication if you ask me

  • Congealed Milk
    Congealed Milk

    isn't using a cam account a little cheaty?

  • Kendall Shack
    Kendall Shack

    Hooooo Hooooa Hoooooooooooaoaoaoaa

  • boneshakerjake

    I'd add gears and organ pipes for the symphony

  • DexiCat INC.
    DexiCat INC.

    Bruh my starter homes are 3x3 on the inside ;-; I’m a noob

  • That Smart Idiot
    That Smart Idiot

    Imagine joining the Hermitcraft server and at some point, you strike up a deal with Grian where you offer to pay Zhight money for something, probably potions of healing, and then seeing Grian react along the lines of "Why does that feel familiar...? OH." NGL I wish I could've done this but sadly I am not rich, skilled or old enough for that. A boy can dream though.

  • 怪物


  • KittyUwU

    Something that REALLY annoyed me was that for the bottom of the circle window THE 2 TRAPDOORS THERE WERE DIFFERENT WAYS I might've even been the only one that noticed lol

  • Robert Gehm
    Robert Gehm

    So up until this point I've seen all of Mumbo's videos for season 8. I am just now starting to watch Grian's. Is that a Tower of BaaaBoat? (Tower of Babel)

  • Classic Dannyboy
    Classic Dannyboy

    9:52 last time is was the barge, this time it might be a train o.o

  • Legends

    Impulse: Now We have a Slime Farm Grian: OUR Slime Farm

  • Holly Taylor
    Holly Taylor

    13:04 grian: looks at the lama Me: that lamas ded

  • rants, rants, and more rants
    rants, rants, and more rants

    Did you know you can milk goats?

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C

    I swear the god Creeper Climbing Ladders is the scariest thing ever

  • Guy Bergeson
    Guy Bergeson

    What I don't understand is why you didn't just setup an item sorter to capture all the wool since it all mixes up anyway.

  • ren_YT

    A family friendly series. The series:sacrificing a goat in a pole. Seems like a way to summon the devil.....

  • Taylor Janzen
    Taylor Janzen

    What is hermitcraft

  • Just_ISe

    14:53 Me and my 10,000 closest end city: *oh yeah?*

  • Paul Benedict
    Paul Benedict

    11:43 Grian: **THEY CLIMB NOW?**

  • MasterFireHair Gaming
    MasterFireHair Gaming

    2:36 Grian: NOT THE BOTTOM HOLE!! I'm dying right now 😂🤣

  • Unperfectnoob Gaming
    Unperfectnoob Gaming

    Poor goats

  • Annie ❤️‍🩹
    Annie ❤️‍🩹

    "the blue and the green match really nicely" -grian 2021

    • Annie ❤️‍🩹
      Annie ❤️‍🩹

      dnfers be like

  • tomzomatto

    did they beat the ender dragon episode one?

  • FlamingFrog

    I’m whatching this after all of Mumbo Jumbo’s hermit craft season nine videos and why does nobody know that creepers climb ladders, they’ve done that since they were added

  • Cucumber


  • SomeWeirdDog

    The screaming windows made me laught so much my man. ! It's my first video from you and I'm subbing just cause of that! Can't wait to watch more!

  • Lauren D
    Lauren D

    I love gran Grian

  • thegoatcalledsocks

    Interveiwer: what are your hobbies Grian: starting wars on block games

  • Vilas Kerežius
    Vilas Kerežius

    When he said "my house is like screaming" i started laughting at midnight :D

  • Xaivier Wooden
    Xaivier Wooden

    Grian: No one in the village would put spikes on the ground because it is a hazard Boatem Hole: Nervous laughter

  • Demonchild27


  • Laurence Hartnell
    Laurence Hartnell

    creepers have ALWAYS been able to climb ladders

  • Ethan Gomez
    Ethan Gomez

    When the title said “base progresses” I thought it said base POGGERS

  • B1idzy

    This video should be destroying my farm

  • Nutty JR
    Nutty JR

    Hey! I know I’m a stranger but, I just wanted to say, maybe in your future builds for the windows you should have glass panes on the width side of you window, then have the rest or your window with regular glass block. I really like this because it looks like the window is coming out and looks more natural.

  • Free the goats

  • Pro Henry
    Pro Henry

    Sorry for spelling your name wrong

  • Pro Henry
    Pro Henry

    Groan you are the best ISdownsr ever !!!!

  • CombatPepper972


  • Ultimate Sith Lord Palpitine
    Ultimate Sith Lord Palpitine

    “You can rule out any fantasy or futuristic build” proceeds to build daigon alley

  • Wombat Jedi
    Wombat Jedi

    I know I’m really late but I just want to say you should call the tree the oakem pole because it’s taller than the goatem pole

  • Thomas farquhar
    Thomas farquhar

    In this episode: Grian sees a totem pole of goats and decides to go doom eternal mode

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    grian:" i know its early but i want an elytra and shulkers" also grian: *gets dragon egg in episode 1*

  • Galaxiest

    Grian: oohh creeper Creeper climbs up ladder:bye Grian:aw men

  • Sahara should be brought back