Hermitcraft 7: Episode 74 - THE FINAL BARGE BUILD
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 74 - THE FINAL BARGE BUILD grian is back on hermitcraft doing massive builds and gathering SAND

  • Grian

    Oh I forgot to mention that I had Scars blessing to take down the diamond trees in front of the barge - it improved the visibility and improved the lag situation in the area a whole bunch so pretty much a win-win, thanks Scar! Hope you enjoyed the video (leave a like if you did!)

    • Milo Osullivan
      Milo Osullivan


    • Shae Stewart
      Shae Stewart


    • Paddy Egan
      Paddy Egan

      So, no free diamonds..?

    • YSMC

      now the area looks very asymetrical because there aere no longer trees on both sides. but its really not a big deal is it?

    • Demolition ak
      Demolition ak

      You might as well use the barge as the mansion

  • Unknown Olive
    Unknown Olive

    the barge is becoming an ikea

  • Astrid Lejeune
    Astrid Lejeune

    leave it to grian to create the main shopping center in each season

  • Ming Xian
    Ming Xian

    U sure the barge is not a new house

  • Dono

    I think shovel is more efficient becUse u need sand to make tnt so shovel is better

  • A Z A E L A
    A Z A E L A

    I stopped watching this after I missed tons of episodes. But now I can't believe how big the barge has gotten

  • ShyGuy Animations
    ShyGuy Animations

    Aaaaa noooo math

  • Revvmew_Ravenpaw

    Grian: Enough about the Barge, or not enough about the Barge, Me: *THE BARGE IS EVERYTHING*

  • Slakkie's world
    Slakkie's world

    i clicked this video thinking it was new. but it was a great video anyway

  • Echo Dolphonian
    Echo Dolphonian

    Grian 1.3472875949 seconds after he said enderman arent hurt by water: *OH NO OH GOSH AAAAA*

  • I💜cats

    the barge: this isn't even my final form!

  • Aditya Kudva
    Aditya Kudva

    Grian :- Enough about the barge. also Grian :- Also not enough about the barge Nice XD

  • Flixz_

    I’m surprised Grian didn’t add a diamond chandelier to the barge. 😂

  • Maya Bestmann
    Maya Bestmann

    Alright where are my gramcrackers

    • Legocrafter1130

      I need context

  • Innit

    The Barge is so big it actually scares me!! 😅

  • Angelita Becerra
    Angelita Becerra

    Is a netherite shovel faster than a gold shovel that's been enchanted with unbreakable?

  • Lucas Rekkebo
    Lucas Rekkebo

    Cool builds grian!


    Grian is to rich that he has a private desert

  • Apfìíeekïïtendreamź

    I like how grian said "Mostly junk." At 7:39

  • Abstract_Adikis

    Its the final expansion duh duh do do. Duh duh do do do

  • The tastic Family
    The tastic Family

    00:39 time to stop

  • Lonny Winstead
    Lonny Winstead

    The shiny knowledge bilaterally sigh because lentil descriptively charge amid a lean jet. redundant, lethal semicircle

    • Legocrafter1130

      Are you having a stroke?

  • Alasdair Sinclair
    Alasdair Sinclair

    You could use TNT and then clean up with a shovel.

  • Big Berd33
    Big Berd33

    My question is why is he making a shopping experience at the end of the season

  • Leo the Deceiver
    Leo the Deceiver

    the bees in the nether tunnel: me: bees go to hell? why?

  • Leon Zhou
    Leon Zhou

    You know when grian cut down the trees does he keep the diamonds?

  • Emily Morgan
    Emily Morgan

    14:19, mobs can enter through portals

  • Emily Morgan
    Emily Morgan

    Grian, you can only sleep in thunderstorms or at night.

  • Andres Luis Jugo
    Andres Luis Jugo


  • foivos apolon
    foivos apolon

    Real people:I remember when the world war 1 started Hermits:I remember when the barge was a small raft and Grain was poor

    • Legocrafter1130

      Not sure many people living today were alive let alone remember it considering it was 103 years ago.

  • K Gratia
    K Gratia

    the barge looks GREAT

  • Very奇妙な

    only suckers don’t use beacons when mining or grinding sand

  • -Some0ne- & BillyNoob
    -Some0ne- & BillyNoob


  • IrregularDoughnut

    Pickles- join me Pickles on the sea floor Pickles, pickles on the sea floor, pickles

  • Callie Welch
    Callie Welch

    He kinda sounds like Alastor from Hazbin

    • Legocrafter1130

      To me he kinda sound like a British person

  • Lisa Turner
    Lisa Turner

    Their are bees in my tunnel da sha vu anyone from season six

  • Kristy Khajavi
    Kristy Khajavi

    Also tnt uses sand

  • Vaasvi Singh
    Vaasvi Singh

    I think the bees came from the nether portal

  • CamoSquid21

    "Barge"? More like Castle 😂

  • Jpik

    And as it turns out, grian didn't "know a bit of Minecraft"

  • Rafael Le Cavalier
    Rafael Le Cavalier

    No etho is wrong because you need lots of Sand to Do all of the tnt

  • Omar El Ghazal
    Omar El Ghazal

    Did anyone notice how satisfying Grian removing the sand was?

  • Deion Sanders
    Deion Sanders

    “I need more chandeliers” -Grian 2021

  • YooperMoose

    2nd season in a row that grian and impulse teamed up towards the end of the season to build a roller coaster with a custom music disc starting with Grian announcing/explaining what's happening

  • Gelatin Studios
    Gelatin Studios

    For those who want to play the HCBBS on the World Download: the song is called Gaiety in the Golden Age

  • jeepwrangler2828

    I can’t believe the barge just started out as a little raft

  • Alex Warmoes
    Alex Warmoes

    Fool... Again

    • Alex Warmoes
      Alex Warmoes

      Last time too

  • Flower Dawn
    Flower Dawn

    I don't like how the barge isn't semectrical

  • Flower Dawn
    Flower Dawn

    164 blocks of diamonds wasted on that flex beaker

    • Legocrafter1130

      He has like 7 more stacks of diamond blocks

  • ShikikanSnexy

    "I don't record when it rains" Spoken like a true Englishman

  • Christian Inglis
    Christian Inglis

    Grian, why did you say that *splash* water bottles don't hurt endermen ????? Why

  • O Deer
    O Deer

    I don’t get why “Oh dear, it’s empty” made me laugh so very hardly

  • EpicVoidBird

    pickles, pickles on the sea floor, pickles...... ahh memories XD

  • J L
    J L

    The barge sweep music makes me feel happiness

  • Lolbuthun


  • Kaia

    underground subway

  • 아스키

    *Grian + TNT = not good*

  • Charles D'Silva
    Charles D'Silva

    Diamond Chandelier: Exists Grian: I'll take your entire stock

  • SirPuffyPlays

    ~Pickles on the seafloor, pick-les~ That never gets old.

  • LorDogeVader

    Grian: you don't get sandstone when mining sand with a shovel Also Grian: *mines stone with shovel*

    • LorDogeVader

      @BigOrange Gaming99 grian mined stone with a shovel while strip mining at the begining of the season

    • BigOrange Gaming99
      BigOrange Gaming99

      What r u even talking about that doesn’t even make sense

  • BigOrange Gaming99
    BigOrange Gaming99


  • IXxSolarMarvelxXI

    Grians logic is lose a diamond end the episode XD

  • Seamus McKee
    Seamus McKee

    Can you please put making a hermitcraft casino in consideration for Season 8? You might have to collaborate with a redstoner for the technical bits. but anyway, great work on your videos! 👍

  • kinghal123

    Sell the sandstone

  • Odd_Normality -
    Odd_Normality -

    Grian sounds so happy when he won the trivia

  • Nestoons

    “Where did these bees come from?” DR. BEEEESS!!!

  • Amazing-A

    I remember when barge was a small raft

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller

    Grian builds the barrage barrage: 😁 The back of the mansion: 👁👄👁 can he see me Unfinished projects: I see you

  • Maryam Ahmad
    Maryam Ahmad

    Hold on i have one question how do you you tubers gain diamonds and netherite very fast i need help with that

    • Legocrafter1130

      The hermits usually play 72 hours worth of Minecraft per week and cut down their gameplay footage to 20 minutes to make it entertaining to watch. So they play much more Minecraft then a normal person.

  • Benjamin Bryant
    Benjamin Bryant

    Maybe someone is prancing you ?

  • Thicc boi
    Thicc boi

    how did you make the custom disc??

  • Cron Memes
    Cron Memes


    • BigOrange Gaming99
      BigOrange Gaming99


  • Caiden Duncan
    Caiden Duncan

    I can't believe it started of as a raft

    • Cron Memes
      Cron Memes


    • Caiden Duncan
      Caiden Duncan

      @Cron Memes what? Oh did someone else say dat well sos I did not see but it is unbelievable

    • Cron Memes
      Cron Memes


  • mika chan
    mika chan

    I will have to say that Grian missed out on calling it Grian's Bargain Barge

  • Thekingofepic16

    What if u use the tnt to blow of the sand and use a shovel to clean it up to get a lot more sand to make it look clean.

  • BrotherImagination YT
    BrotherImagination YT

    0:51 mmmm ima be a busy bee today that just cracked me up

  • noodlenose23

    In case you're halfway through the video wondering if Etho was right: Yes, TNT is more effective than a shovel.

  • Animating Potatoes
    Animating Potatoes

    12:47 “And I don’t wanna be a sucker” That sounded so wholesome I can’t- 😭😭

  • Kekali

    Does he use any shaders?

  • Marilou Manalili
    Marilou Manalili

    12:32 SANS 12:38 sans..

  • Rustage X
    Rustage X

    i love how the back of the mansion just turned into a meme in the HC community 8)

  • Btw when you use TNT to mine sand you use rockets

  • Christine Outridge
    Christine Outridge

    Is this where Cleo's missing bees went?

  • SerendipitousStudiosYT

    Use both methods of sand removal. Use TNT, and then shovel the rest

  • AydeeBoo Gaming
    AydeeBoo Gaming


  • Egg Chandwhich
    Egg Chandwhich

    "Why are there bees in the tunnel?!" Tubbo? What are you doing in hermitcraft

  • Michelle O'Sullivan
    Michelle O'Sullivan

    The barge has evolved

  • Henry Horn
    Henry Horn

    No bragging he just casually has a diamond beacon

  • Ben Henn
    Ben Henn


  • Zaide Rihani
    Zaide Rihani

    me confused why he didn't use a flying tnt duper. wait did they get removed in 1.16?

  • Karma 789
    Karma 789

    Grian you forgot pickles on the seafloor


    It's the 1 year anniversary of the mayor campaign omg

  • Multi - Dimensional Gaming
    Multi - Dimensional Gaming

    I just got an idea. Ever thought about inviting a speedrunner type youtuber in the hermitcraft server? Maybe SB737?

  • I'ts Aiden
    I'ts Aiden

    18:14 i thout it was the s word but its ship- xD

  • StoryTimeWith Araz
    StoryTimeWith Araz

    I stay up until like 3 AM watching these types of vids

  • Natalie Gustafson
    Natalie Gustafson

    Grian mini game two, electric boogaloo

  • a green acorn
    a green acorn

    The "life" in the mansion could be fixed by getting Cleo to put in a bunch of armor stands with the free large scene coupon from the head games. Like you could have it look like there's a ball being hosted, or have window cleaners. You could also put little scenes in the windows. Hope this might help!

    • Jack Rider
      Jack Rider

      Lol yea impulse got a scene and he never used it,im just coming from bingjng impulse

  • Zerver GV
    Zerver GV

    14:59 "a beautiful build, that was abadoned because it turns out that the nether is not actually fun to be in" me , remembering all the hilarius moments blowing up bdubs in the nether :')

  • Glenn Calkins
    Glenn Calkins

    you can get sand from gravity block dupers way faster

  • Maki_Rollin

    Imagine exploring the nether and just randomly stumbling across an entire upsidown mansion.... I rly liked that build, such a shame it was abandoned