3rd Life: Episode 7 - THE BATTLE OF RED DESERT
3rd Life: Episode 7 - THE BATTLE OF RED DESERT Grian jumps straight into the action and not everything goes to plan..

Today's 3rdlifer shoutout is Impulse, show him some love from our community! www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3FGN...

  • Grian

    Today's 3rdlifer shoutout is Impulse, show him some love from our community! isdowns.info/lift/22qpgIZjq4KYntE/v-deo

    • Minnie G
      Minnie G


    • Frumpy Skilston
      Frumpy Skilston

      Do you do twitch

    • Sam Sung
      Sam Sung

      Oh no

    • Libby libbeh
      Libby libbeh

      @Duder4676 ,

    • Celestial Delivery
      Celestial Delivery

      I almost like this series more than Hermircraft

  • cyber punk
    cyber punk

    This could do well in Netflix

  • dongjin constante
    dongjin constante

    I like that it all happen because of grian's prank to scar

  • AMOS 512
    AMOS 512

    Love how grians kind of just a trap expert/ serial killer no one's gonna be able to do anything safely now

  • Melissa ______
    Melissa ______

    Scot is the responsible parent/older sibling in thing and no one can tell me otherwise

  • Weather List3821
    Weather List3821

    23:38 did scar curse????

  • Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov

    Why everyone thinks Scar is the lackey? He is the one doing all this...

  • Aria Mohaghegh
    Aria Mohaghegh

    This series is epic because in hermitcraft there is no chaos but here there is

  • Aria Mohaghegh
    Aria Mohaghegh

    They made a no man's land in minecraft because of mines and little bunker but as we all know those places were the worst places any human could be in

  • Milogames

    Red winter best axe

  • Ted no time
    Ted no time

    I think Grian is worst then scar

  • Nico Clarke
    Nico Clarke

    Grian in hermitcraft season six : instant explosion traps are practically the easiest thing in minecraft. 3rd Life: Regrets life choices

  • Carol Winters
    Carol Winters

    We have no home (Scott) well I have a home WE HAVE NO HOME (Scott) we have no home


    Yessssssss!!!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!! Yessssss!!!!!

  • Jairus Cheung
    Jairus Cheung

    WHen did grian become yellow?

  • oserty

    20:05 - do you have a spare room?.. with… a bed? - i do, actually, i’ve got a new space just open cause my husband has just died :')

  • Nemom

    if mumbo was in 3rd life

  • Levi Mosiman
    Levi Mosiman

    13:22 He looks like Herobrine in this moment.

  • Philip

    grian: where is your lackey? wasnt grian supposed to be the lackey all along?

  • Brigham Adamson
    Brigham Adamson


  • i reckon its the gravel that went wrong but idk cz i havent finished the video

  • Hamster Power500
    Hamster Power500

    I love how in the battle all i cared about was when Leftover pizza was brutally murdered :'(

  • GhostTrap

    Trina is the Wilbur of 3life

  • Sean Ethan
    Sean Ethan

    Bc i always do that and it works efectively

  • Sean Ethan
    Sean Ethan

    U ahould have made a secret base and forage for alot of supplies then dig under the enemys base and place tnt or a trap once they leave the server or go away then blow it up or activate it

  • Aurelia Nicholls
    Aurelia Nicholls

    Seven episodes and a full blown war. I’d expect nothing less

  • Nadia McLeod-Sands
    Nadia McLeod-Sands

    23:37 time-stamp to hear scar swear lol

  • Nathan Økûmûrā
    Nathan Økûmûrā

    Cant believe this was 2 months ago... feels like yesterday

  • zalán győrkovács
    zalán győrkovács

    scar has plot armor

  • BigOrange Gaming99
    BigOrange Gaming99

    4:31 minecraft war snipers be like:

  • JTEevee

    Grian, there are yellow watermelons.

  • Matthew Hussey
    Matthew Hussey

    Grain is giving me Wiley Coyote vibes 😭

  • TXN


  • someguyv11

    30:38 Grian, unlike Dream, is a pvp god.

  • chimy boy
    chimy boy

    Where is mumbo?

  • Barracuda

    I love how it's the battle for the red desert reminds me of battle for helms deep from lotr

  • Scibanana

    I am loving this series

  • LooneyPort

    If you’re aware the red stone commonly doesn’t work, you should add a backup ignition

  • Josh Armstrong
    Josh Armstrong

    And to think this whole war started with grian blowing scar up with the creeper

  • Fartface66

    I just got an ad right before grian was about to say the desert is rigged to destroy and instead because of the ad I got the desert is rigged to eat the crunch

  • Eve Taylor
    Eve Taylor

    This is like the blood bath from hunger games

  • Kcajakon

    Well at least now I can do a tnt instant death trap.

  • Rylin Howard
    Rylin Howard


  • Levi Waschenbecker
    Levi Waschenbecker

    Scar is definetely the main villain, he somehow escapes to fight another day!

  • TheCatGoesRawr

    Grian. Broke. Word. He said he was out at 2

  • kkaylabaybie

    grian: we have no home anymore! scott: well i actually still have the hobb- grian: WE HAVE NO HOME scar: d o y o u h a v e a s p a r e r o o m

  • Aes

    Poor jimmy being called “Timmy” 😂

  • ladybird

    6:49 *sniff* warmed my cold disgusting soul

  • Hero Williams
    Hero Williams

    im struggling to tell if grian is joking or if he genuinely thinks jimmy is named timmy

  • Blubber

    It would be so fun for them to play this but with nether enabled lol Oh, I guess I just never saw the nether... weird

  • Lam Nguyen
    Lam Nguyen

    Why won’t you use the banner to disguise as you’re in dogwards?

  • Baba is YouTube
    Baba is YouTube

    The only rule that stayed was the most useless rule: no helmets

  • All the zombies storming dogwarts were trying to avenge their fallen queen zombiecleo

  • Harley Johnson
    Harley Johnson

    Scar is actually a child on this

  • TheMinecraftPro 4567
    TheMinecraftPro 4567


  • anti

    Grian is trash at everything

  • Parknich081 GD
    Parknich081 GD

    You guys should do this again when hermitcraft 8 ends and the time between hermitcraft 9 starting

  • Magnus

    “A mole?”

  • AREEJ 2013
    AREEJ 2013

    Target ren

  • SeveralDust4575

    Leftover pizza and pizza

  • Slavinator

    Mumbo would be proud of you're redstone

  • Fun Fan
    Fun Fan

    All of clepsydras minions started attacking after she died

  • J Labo
    J Labo

    This is kind of like a budget dream smp

  • p0purlerm0bs

    we really need a 3rd life season 2

  • Chimps bottom
    Chimps bottom

    Lmao Grian is such a goblin, he's instigated like 80% of the troubles in 3rd Life

  • TheoLMS

    17:42 The gang back together and the battle restarts.

  • TheoLMS

    14:53- The battle ended

  • MalevolentMee Productions
    MalevolentMee Productions

    Grian this whole series: arent you tired of being nice? Dont you just want to LOSE IT??

  • Something Random
    Something Random

    me imagining techno and what he would do

  • socorro Patindol
    socorro Patindol

    Its like the dream smp all over again

  • Arabord

    wait, you comitted warcrimes in the desert?

  • The Porschefile
    The Porschefile

    I cannot express how good this is

  • Bobert The Chicken
    Bobert The Chicken

    Grian caring about the aesthetics of a battle bunker thingy is the most Grian thing ever.

  • Rasor

    who wants 3rd life season 2?

  • I Am Annoying.
    I Am Annoying.

    “I don’t understand redstone!” - Grian, 2021

  • Johan-Fabio Reiche
    Johan-Fabio Reiche

    holy cowwwwwww

  • Addison_Crxstal


  • Jake Collier
    Jake Collier

    I love how Grian has become a assassin/hitman he’s trying to kill everyone

  • Wilbur Norris
    Wilbur Norris


  • Sinan

    I really enjoy the quick redstone explanations

  • LightningBolt 07
    LightningBolt 07

    26:47 thats cleo’s wrath

  • Just a person for noww
    Just a person for noww

    Grian still sneaking up on people, even on Doomsday

  • Lusia Reyof
    Lusia Reyof

    "why are a psychopath ?!" Smajor to Grian

  • Cirimpei Victoria
    Cirimpei Victoria

    17:41 that was the cutest and the weirdest "back awayyy" ever 😂😂😂

  • Bean Sporkman
    Bean Sporkman

    5:35 ... Michael?

  • ZeroDotNinja

    3rd Life👎 Minecraft, The Anime👍

  • Michael Quaid
    Michael Quaid

    Battle of red dessert you mean geonosis

  • Peachii

    I find it kinda sweet that Grian stayed with Scar despite no longer being indebted to him (Ik it’s probably because he wouldn’t have allies otherwise, but still)

  • GamingRex _101
    GamingRex _101

    Bruh make functional traps that kill things

  • King

    Scar would be dead with out grian

  • benjamin muric
    benjamin muric

    "WHAT" maybe use stone pressure plate on graval and not a brown one idk

  • Mixup 221
    Mixup 221

    18:56 that was close

  • Caleb's crazy amazing life
    Caleb's crazy amazing life

    Plz season two

  • dps wrld
    dps wrld

    This was the best

  • NostalgiaNotFound

    lets remember: the whole red desert thing came from Scar's idea to make everybody pay for sand.

  • Devilrage

    I'm told I'm suppoed to love you cracked me p too hard somehow

  • Crazy Legs
    Crazy Legs

    Save the lama!!!!

  • Chandler Eaves
    Chandler Eaves


  • Curved

    The war of the red desert

  • GamerKid1239

    Grian: What your standing on is going to make the server- *dominoes ad plays* DOWNLOAD THE DOMINOES PIZZA APP