Hermitcraft 8: Episode 6 - TRADING UP!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 6 - TRADING UP! Grian has done a lot of work on hermitcraft and will show you how to trade 2 pumpkins into a beacons worth of emerald blocks in seconds. it's OP!

  • Gaming Geckos
    Gaming Geckos

    20:05 Egg Salad Lint.

  • Christopher John Barrinuevo
    Christopher John Barrinuevo

    1:35 was there a string???

  • Seagull

    did someone quote yondu from guardians of the galaxy at 1:14 .O.

  • SomberSnupdoge

    "Aww this is so cute!" Grain says sweetly on the malicious intent on stealing a valuable item from the base owner.

  • Ahsoka_simp471

    I wish I had friends so I could play with them on Minecraft

  • Jo Alz
    Jo Alz

    Man I missed the time when me and my friends played Minecraft... Now they all play fortnite 😔

  • AI_Into

    Does anyone want to join my world on playstation

  • Enderboi6969


  • Marz Bars
    Marz Bars

    Grian trading was like that guy trading sand for a Tesla

  • Ian Fady
    Ian Fady

    4:28 is that just me of is that scars hat on a villager... The first one on the right. Edit: oh yeah it is

  • Annabel Hawksworth
    Annabel Hawksworth

    It’s still a mega build/ base 🤣

  • TM Arrow
    TM Arrow

    I'm on a hint fest

  • Caleb Condon
    Caleb Condon

    so me and my brother got 2 wither skeleton skulls back to back and I accidentally burned them

  • Turbopotatothe12th

    What is the copper for?

  • Natasha Horner
    Natasha Horner

    You know how tegg is a lot like segg

  • Hadley Hacks
    Hadley Hacks

    You should make a hogwarts looking building/the castle

  • Alice Carter
    Alice Carter

    10:5 wasted opportunity iykyk

  • 💙 Evie 💙
    💙 Evie 💙

    I'm just waiting for Grian's "I found it!" to be remixed It's gonna happen

  • GrapeFruitMan

    "I'm not too sure many people make their beacons out of emeralds" *LTN with like 5, every effect, beacon* : IM **RICH**

  • Daisy Chasemore
    Daisy Chasemore

    “This is no small deal, this is one of those deals that are slightly larger than small deals.” grian’s singing window face . . O

  • Nonyanae - Ava Symes
    Nonyanae - Ava Symes

    Part way through this video, Grian became Dream. The Tea Kettle

  • Amogas

    Grian, you are just the best

  • Adammxth

    1:32 it looks like theres a man in the window LOL

  • Clarkef1re

    I'm no math wiz but isn't 2 better than 1?

  • Benruthmill

    Insert golden carrots golden carrots he should call them Grian carrots

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips

    13:07 the Peace Treety is "singed" by Mumbo, not signed

  • Mo

    Why is nobody talking about Scar's score?

  • Hakami Sanzo
    Hakami Sanzo

    This is gonna be a puntastic season

  • james daryl Galvez
    james daryl Galvez

    Glass panes: this world shall now pane

  • couper foster
    couper foster

    11:42 do you see the floating block behing them?

  • hey for the farmers you should say Cook boys on the sign instead of good boys

  • Dat Spinach
    Dat Spinach

    That wheeze doe

  • Darkel

    Grian, where do you put the villager's beds in your Hall?

  • Encriped Plush
    Encriped Plush

    Hermetcraft 8 more like puntown 1

  • Turby Express
    Turby Express

    Ypu said you haven't really seen green beacons but have u seen a 63x63 emerald pyramid?

    • Turby Express
      Turby Express


  • Richie 808
    Richie 808

    Green beacon ---> "Grain beacon"

    • Richie 808
      Richie 808

      Is this pun?

  • Dead inside
    Dead inside

    can you pet your cat(s) for me. Edit: ty if you do

  • Ghostpad

    That marvel reference killed both me and the blue guy

  • Star Wars Center
    Star Wars Center

    “It’s time to get a little update on teggyboi over here” -Grian 2021

  • Elijah Cruz
    Elijah Cruz


  • Ameen M.
    Ameen M.


  • Grian,"I cant believe I turned two pumpkins into a beacon,''. It is quite the pyramid scheme

    • Wigbit


  • Gronky Kong
    Gronky Kong

    I love the time lapse music

  • Combined Lampost
    Combined Lampost

    me on watching Mumbo: where are all these emerald blocks coming from?

    • william blackwell
      william blackwell

      it's all a little lag

  • A Random Kid
    A Random Kid

    What a friendly “spruce” to end a war

  • Bo Han
    Bo Han

    New title for this video Grian exploits capitalism

    • Esco Gaming
      Esco Gaming

      To shay to shay

  • Boris M-Z
    Boris M-Z

    Damn 141 levels damn Grian

  • What is the sweeping edge enchantment? And is it in Bedrock?

    • Esco Gaming
      Esco Gaming

      Yes boih

  • That Smart Idiot
    That Smart Idiot

    Imagine joining the Hermitcraft server and at some point, you strike up a deal with Grian where you offer to pay Zhight money for something, probably potions of healing, and then seeing Grian react along the lines of "Why does that feel familiar...? OH." NGL I wish I could've done this but sadly I am not rich, skilled or old enough for that. A boy can dream though.

  • Michael

    When I First saw This I Thought It Said 2 Pumpkins in a Beacon

  • RooMoo

    “A lot of wither skulls” *laughs in technoblade stan*

  • Rosedafurret

    Call that beacon a Grian beacon

  • Gamer_Boy

    Grian: A green beacon is almost minecraft cursed Luke The Notable: Am I a joke to you?

  • Raine _05
    Raine _05

    4:59 my personal favorite part of this episode :)

  • V̶o̶i̶d̶

    Ik her name (tree monster thingy) is treesa but I really wanna call her catreena

  • Patess

    If anyone knows what is the music that grian constantly uses?

  • ThePhoenix Prophecy
    ThePhoenix Prophecy

    I understand how annoying it is to transport Villagers and set up a trading hall, but think of the following Grian; you are 6 episodes in, and if this season is like any of the others we have about 50+ more episodes to go. Which means you don't have to do it again. You are pretty much settles when it comes to Villagers! (Unless you plan on helping others with theirs.) So unless you want to decorate the trading hall a bit more, I say well done to you sir!

  • Charlie Gudmundson
    Charlie Gudmundson

    I think he just taught me bardering without knowing it

  • Mr_Yeeter 123
    Mr_Yeeter 123

    Man's got 141 levels please enchant

  • LukeTV

    "i'm not too sure many people make beacons out of emeralds" *cough cough* lukethenotable *cough cough*

  • Md Shahjahan Miah
    Md Shahjahan Miah

    Hey! You don't listen to other mean people and your truly beautiful and amazing and please make a promise that you will stand up to bully's and if someone is bulling someone else say hey!! Stop bullying 😤because if you bully you won't go to heaven when you die 😤

  • creative adventurer
    creative adventurer

    Idk why im emotinally sad that a minecraft tree war is over

  • Joseph Guillermo
    Joseph Guillermo

    Grian: it looks like cursed if you see an emerald beacon Luke the Notable Hardcore Series viewers: what! it's perfectly normal

  • samuel etler
    samuel etler

    You going to make an entire mountain for your base Isn't that a "mega base"

  • Mokgadi Matsena
    Mokgadi Matsena

    It looks like your house is younger

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber

    I love that little guardians of the galaxy yondu reference

  • OwOamafurrydontjudgeUwUlol

    He really should build some eggtra fake things so that the egg Isn’t that easy to find ngl

  • NJS K
    NJS K

    That glass man, their such a pane

  • Belle Cowan
    Belle Cowan

    Technically cant they just watch your videos to find things out?

  • Tony Dang
    Tony Dang

    Grains game is not tegu it’s hide the egg

  • ann

    21:07 mumbo would be proud

  • KittyandLychee

    18:22 decoy, more like tree-coy!

  • Blob // smiley256
    Blob // smiley256

    grian: "its not much but its a-" me: "but its honest work 🤣"

  • Isaac Goldsberry
    Isaac Goldsberry

    I've not seen a SINGLE comment mentioning that the tree-ty said "singed" not "signed". Did no one else notice?

  • Hunter Mckinnon
    Hunter Mckinnon

    That interruption was great

  • Jake Solomonder
    Jake Solomonder

    Draft 1=Big Chungus

  • Marcus Day
    Marcus Day

    Dwight Schrute's art of the swap

  • Junzo Wathashiika
    Junzo Wathashiika

    Add scars hat on tree monster

  • Evil with a D
    Evil with a D

    Mumbo Kumbo Jumbo

  • Aymen Vaqas
    Aymen Vaqas

    Okay but is no one gonna point out the "were marry poppins yall"

  • Lukas Nogueira
    Lukas Nogueira

    Best of Grian - 0:08 1:54 2:12 4:10 4:56 5:30 7:21 13:15 14:37 14:57 15:26

  • Ella _Bee
    Ella _Bee

    Grian: oh no! The entrance is bigger than the mountain -make the entrance smaller- Make a huge custom mountain

  • Epik Frens
    Epik Frens

    Me: spends days mining for iron for a beacon Grian: two pumpkins can be a beacon Me: bruh

  • I am a person.
    I am a person.

    Name the beacon "the Grian Beacon"

  • Laia Carroll
    Laia Carroll

    Why did your cat look sad? :(

  • Edward Anagho
    Edward Anagho

    Grian: Green beacons are cursed! LukeTheNotable: Am I a joke to you?

  • Adam Sirius
    Adam Sirius

    Couldn’t Mumbo just make a huge wood and leave tree red stone thing that can move and can scream by note blocks or custom jukebox song??? That would top Grians build by levels.

  • 87 MM.Т.Эрдэнэбаяр
    87 MM.Т.Эрдэнэбаяр

    I wan't ask somthing i made villager trading hall in Y12 and there is bed, light floor but villagers wont accept there jobs

  • aryan is pro05
    aryan is pro05

    Can we also talk about how he reached from lvl 39 to 59 in just 20 mins

  • GoatyFloaty

    what texture pack does Grian use to make the grass look better

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    I have a cat named Maui :)

  • Flatt Versa
    Flatt Versa

    Who is this Griam character? And also GeminiTegg

  • Ethan Meyers
    Ethan Meyers

    this spider boat was sponsored by dodge ram

  • Mystix Ψ
    Mystix Ψ

    Grian in hermitcraft: I got so many wither skulls! *shows about 9* Techno in dsmp: it’s not much *3 stacks of skulls* (Not saying dsmp is better than hermitcraft I love both smps)

  • M.A green cube Gaming
    M.A green cube Gaming

    If you see this comment when he has completed the season, Please just comment-

  • Angel Zuniga
    Angel Zuniga

    I heard “shopping” I instantly thought tesco

  • Mirai Holmes
    Mirai Holmes

    Grian: what is with the puns this season Me: what is eith the amount of servers doing egg things this year? First the eggpire, now egg hide and seek

  • Emma Skoglund1D
    Emma Skoglund1D

    "we're Mary Poppins y'all" am i the only one thinking of yondu?

  • ArchRiots

    who else sees da hermits in back round building near the villigers

  • Yusuf Mussaji
    Yusuf Mussaji

    6:07 stonks