Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - THE GRIANGOTTS BANK
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - GRIANGOTTS BANK Grian is back on the server making diagon alley and doing some crazy stuff with boatem. This episode is just chaos.

  • Darragh Bennett
    Darragh Bennett

    B O R S E

  • butterapplego

    does anyone know the song??

  • BreadWithoutButter

    the tornado siren 0:07

  • Trevevern

    "Why is it made entirely out of stone?" Grian has been building all sorts of crazy things for so long that he forgot that stone is more than just something you craft with.

  • Laila Olsen
    Laila Olsen

    Why did i get so happy when he Said grain a go valley- (maybe bc i requested the name)

  • Probably Ember
    Probably Ember

    Does anyone know the song that Impulse played as the Boatem crew went around the server on the horses? I need to know

    • Berkcan Berkman
      Berkcan Berkman

      same! Let me know if you find out

  • Zectonic Games
    Zectonic Games

    The botem pole has a botem hole with a botem hall in that botem hall will have botem walls the botem crew had a botem war with the lama pole but the lama pole fell in a lama hole meaning the botem pole has a botem hole and the lama pole has a lama hole

  • Xenomorph

    Diagrion Alley

  • Omri Zohar
    Omri Zohar

    This has made me laugh way harder than I thought it could

  • Ted no time
    Ted no time

    “This is wool stained with my blood” Me: won’t u be dead?- *starts laughing*

  • Coffe_ Bell
    Coffe_ Bell

    We need Mumbo at the new election

  • Horizon

    So Grian is Eminem? Spit some bars G

  • Dezø

    M&M SPONSOR GRIAN ! ahhahahaha

  • ess h
    ess h

    i've never seen a man this depressed about making money

  • Bruce Ismay
    Bruce Ismay

    Pearl: *builds with stone* Grain: *confused screaming*

  • AnimeKillerXX

    Can anyone help me by telling which song they used ?

  • Dave Bier
    Dave Bier

    The evolutions of a base in a hermit craft season: the starter base The mega base The giga base And hopefully, the terabase

  • Repty

    Groans next meeting should be them all in a glass tank and you have to say ur ideas before they drown to death

  • Mathiz Farasyn
    Mathiz Farasyn

    0:04 = DJ Khaled, suffering from succes

  • PICO


  • Youhan Ren Akunee
    Youhan Ren Akunee

    Love the intro 🤣

  • Master chief Hess
    Master chief Hess

    Crazy people playing minecraft

  • DareDragons_ YT
    DareDragons_ YT

    Grisn place the sponges in the nether they dry up 😃

  • Sarah Bartnik
    Sarah Bartnik

    Its grain 2 you made a train on evo

  • Austin Roe
    Austin Roe

    Scar got in a car crash

  • Ethan Haines
    Ethan Haines

    Petition for it to be called “Horizont Alley”

  • JackTPM

    "No ones hurt just emotionally," - Grain 2021

  • T. skrausy
    T. skrausy

    "What is a boatem"

  • NuggetNutcracker

    Whats the song they used for the terrorising

  • Draco Van Reign
    Draco Van Reign

    The reason you're having such a terrible time mining deepslate is because you're using a diamond pickaxe. It's actually much smoother with a netherite pick

  • amirreza haghani
    amirreza haghani

    No wonder people say boatem is a cult

  • ねこまんま


  • BlockHunter0999

    what kind of music did impulse play?? can someone tell me the name of it???

  • Jay Kirkwood
    Jay Kirkwood

    This is wool dyed with my blood, uh anyway

  • Kingston Is Kingston
    Kingston Is Kingston

    i see that Grian-gotts a bank xD

  • elsa siefker
    elsa siefker

    Someone please make an animatic or animation meme based around 16:45

  • Audivi Darian
    Audivi Darian

    Came for the Griangotts Bank, stayed for the donkey supermobiles.

  • GOfordayz

    I'm sorry, that music is horrible

  • Brawler 27
    Brawler 27


  • Mauro Vandersmissen
    Mauro Vandersmissen

    22:26 Grian: only here can you ride around on 5 donkeys and listen to weird Japanese hiphop... * somewhere in the distance * *Angery Jono noises*

  • Montysam 2468
    Montysam 2468

    What was song name that was playing while they were on the donkeys?

  • Sana Zahra
    Sana Zahra

    wonky alley

  • KalziferTv

    Okay....WHAT IS THIS SONG ?! :D

  • Fox Queen
    Fox Queen

    You should name the allyway THE G-WAY

  • °•random peep•°
    °•random peep•°

    I want the name of the song to terrorize my friends and my sister :D, someone please help

  • supier_men752

    Using chaotic strategies, Mumbo and the rest of Boatem slowly get more people on the Boatem team until they start "the cleansing" or a large scale nuclear wipeout of the Hermitcraft server, starting season 9

  • Blue

    What song at 16:50

  • GOfordayz

    Pearl's stone structure is a template, Grian you should know this, you did a megabase video with her.

  • Emma Larsen
    Emma Larsen

    Anyone know the song that Impulse was playing?

  • L E
    L E

    Song used? :(

  • Okin 321
    Okin 321

    Donkey and car 🧐 Dar 🤯 lol

  • Jessica Zhi
    Jessica Zhi

    Eccentric and rightly so, my good fellow. We love it when you guys go wild and weird.

  • Nerijus Balsiukas
    Nerijus Balsiukas

    I need that song name

  • Cintyparyx

    You gotta name it "Wonky Town" xD

  • Kyung-Sook Jong
    Kyung-Sook Jong

    I'd like to know what that song was 😂

  • Jiji Prasad
    Jiji Prasad

    Buy at Boatem, where the party never ends 😌

  • Yohan Rellama
    Yohan Rellama

    Here's a name mountain's gate

  • pinkpeppers55

    "Written in red ink; This is wool stained with my blood." THE CASUAL WAY HE SAID THAT KILLED ME!!!

  • Jamesthestupi

    DiaGrian alley!

  • Fire Blaster
    Fire Blaster

    What was that music when they were riding the horses?

  • Enky Janeth Padilla Cedeño
    Enky Janeth Padilla Cedeño

    My dogs started howling with that NOOOO

  • KingTora

    What’s the song of the horses riding

  • Zully

    The fact that these are all grown adults is just the funniest thing ever

  • Raccoon!


  • stantwice

    no but what's the song they played while marketing bc it honestly slaps-

  • Harrison Ashurst
    Harrison Ashurst

    ok grian if you lose your stuff again in this episode i will unsubscribe out of dignity

  • Mr.EggYolk

    The shady ally can be like knocktern ally. But remember that it is diagonally from diagon ally

    • Mr.EggYolk

      I am not forcing to to anything I am just suggesting

  • Luca Lackner
    Luca Lackner

    6:30, she hasnt unlocked her base yet

  • Emerald Pines
    Emerald Pines

    you could call it the G-Alley, pronounced Galley like on a ship to match the boatem pole

  • SilverIceDragon

    "Buy at Boatem" "Perhaps you Perished Parcel" "Tegg" "Shop at Sahara" "Did you Die Box" "Tag" Boatem is going to be the new Sahara...

  • Caroline Lester
    Caroline Lester

    You should do your farms underground so you can have interiors for your buildings

  • Zabdiel Zoie Elvas
    Zabdiel Zoie Elvas

    16:37 what music is this pls?

  • mo mpoo
    mo mpoo

    diagrian alley

  • Hello

    Every second your not running, Boatem crew is getting closer

  • Lin Jiang
    Lin Jiang

    call the ally dia(gri-a)lly

  • Plushmaster - TPC
    Plushmaster - TPC

    Vertic Ally

  • Aswath Rajesh
    Aswath Rajesh


  • Pepijn Wassenaar
    Pepijn Wassenaar

    call the ally griangon ally

  • inoahguy1479

    Grain, Potat Boi, and Scur, the bustest of freinds.

  • janco smit
    janco smit


  • Name this Diagon Alley, Diagon Mawi

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat

    ... A name just popped into my brain. Orthogon Alley

  • Spy Wroe
    Spy Wroe

    This is why bike gangs are feared. You never know if you'll be pressured to buy boats....

  • Sophia Lewis
    Sophia Lewis

    Griagonn Alleyyyyyyyy

  • Noor Zayed
    Noor Zayed

    Grian first episode of hermitcraft: I’m not going to be making a mega base Also grian but in episode 14: this is gonna be a giga base 🤣

  • Adrian

    Grian pick boatem group and make a tribut temple for this event xD

  • CosmicDarkrai

    Can I please know what that music was that played during your new "marketing technique" But seriously what is that song?? 21:00

  • Joshua Hamrick
    Joshua Hamrick

    I knew you were going to name it griangotts I just knew I was trying to leave a comment on the last one but for some reason at permissions wouldn't let me leave a comment but I knew you were going to need a griangotts

  • If Grian uses the buildings in the “Diagon Alley” for shops, he should name it “Diamondgon Alley.”

  • Intellectual Kitty Cat
    Intellectual Kitty Cat

    Grian out of context “we’ve harassed them with 5 donkeys”

  • Hermitcraft Fan
    Hermitcraft Fan

    It’s definitely a horse not a donkey lol

  • Anthony Duran
    Anthony Duran



    What was the song they were playing on their cars?

  • toodlss 69
    toodlss 69

    Gg on mcc

  • Hotrod

    Look: Griangotts Bank = Grian gots bank (Grian is rich)

  • dan

    Could call it "Vertic-ally"?

  • NogiinCommentz

    this is a sentence.

  • Abhishek Gourav
    Abhishek Gourav

    Name that alley potato alley

  • OmegPlays

    9:30 “The poster is the plan”

  • G3N3T1KZz

    From 12:00 onwards is some of the best Hermitcraft S8 content so far 🤣