Hermitcraft 8: Episode 10 - THE BOATEM GIGABASE
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 10 - THE BOATEM GIGABASE grian is back on hermitcraft to catch up, play some tegg and make a proposal for the fellow boatem members!

  • Faruq

    Grian: i don’t even know red stone.. Old grian: ah yes TheCryingChildCCA

  • Lord Puddingl
    Lord Puddingl

    He could just have made a void platform

  • Calvin Collins-Knapp
    Calvin Collins-Knapp

    hide it in the trading hall behind a villager

  • Laila Olsen
    Laila Olsen

    Du du du du, WALL TRAIN! Du du du du, WALL TRAIN! Du du du du and se Are done

  • Reign Mahoney
    Reign Mahoney

    Why would you sell the egg? If you win you’ll easily get a stack of diamonds

  • Adam Jackal
    Adam Jackal

    27:00 ello skeleton

  • Adam Jackal
    Adam Jackal

    6:19 worlds fastest rocket

  • Mari Stories
    Mari Stories

    Grian doing the intro: The skeleton behind him: Bruh😐

  • Landon Janssens
    Landon Janssens

    music rip

  • Caro SalazarL
    Caro SalazarL


  • Spencer Laughead
    Spencer Laughead

    8:50 Anybody else sense a coming remix?

  • Raccoon!


  • Dashiiii

    If that boatem meeting were me and my friends it'll end up with us cussing each other😭😭😭 I love their wholesome friendship

  • Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113
    Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113

    dut dut dut dut dut dut wool train and look it is done

  • CrazyDarkShark

    Grian: “a lot of llamas are going to be sacrificed” PETA: 👀👀👀👀👀

  • Hope K
    Hope K

    "You may not get out of here alive..." Cuts line that is seperating the lama from death and life.... Yea, Grian your not going rock climbing with me xD

  • Hope K
    Hope K

    Just so you know grian. Idk if you ever read these. Now that its in the past, but i just came back from a internet break. And i had an aweful aweful day. I chose hermitcraft to cheer me up and i chose you out of all the hermits. I was hoping on your well known shennanegans would cheer me up. And you delivered. You made me laugh so much. Thank you 😊

  • Pinkajou


  • Lloyd Ivenn
    Lloyd Ivenn

    I wonder... who started hermitcraft anyway?

  • Sky Con
    Sky Con

    Yes. Let's have meetings under the void riding llamas. I see nothing that could possibly go wrong

  • Daniel Holmes
    Daniel Holmes

    Grian brought up a potato messing something up and remembered Season 6 Sahara

  • da l1me 8unny
    da l1me 8unny

    Boatem canyon

  • Cristina Ochita
    Cristina Ochita

    Grian and Mumbo hang around each other so much that even their laughs are in synch 22:34

    • Pinkajou


  • Turbopotatothe12th

    Get the tegg

  • Nicole Bailey
    Nicole Bailey

    Can I please read 1 of your videos you'll get a lot of Views


    no, bc this giga base idea sounds epic and I'm far behind with the series. Y'all probs alr finished lol

  • TheGeminIDK

    Gem seems brilliant

  • theophrastusbiology

    It's came back to my recommended

  • drifty💨

    Grian:gem thinks like a mastermind Me:come see indias politicions then you will know who is a mastermind

  • BoxBoom

    kinda reminds me of sahara

  • Sean Ethan
    Sean Ethan

    You should make a bank and use the chinese rule. Why you say, beacause what they take they have to repay 2-3 times of what they have taken but if they cant repay they have to give land or they could give something else its a good way to make diamonds,Get land and get resources

  • Spamster3212

    After this episode came out, I decided to go and watch season 6 for the first time, so that by the time I was done, there would be a nice backlog of season 8 to watch. Only 4 videos came out in that time. What have I done?

  • Same

    DO do do do wool train! do do do do wool train! look that we're done! 🐑🚊8:40

  • Khirk Luis Eparwa
    Khirk Luis Eparwa

    "Have you become a villager?" had me dyyyyiiiiinnnnnggggg

  • wellbeing Team
    wellbeing Team

    you should start a war against the weird goat guys

  • Autumn_ The_Nerd
    Autumn_ The_Nerd

    Love me some season 6 references

  • Ian

    12:18 the goat died because mobs build up momentum when hanging from leads

  • axellander

    Let's be honest, we all knew from the moment Grian had the idea, Scar would have died in the hole

  • krazykat

    Anybody else hear grian sing wool train and immediately go look for the remixes?

  • MaeTheEmu

    Next time maybe hide the tegg in the attic you brought with a beaker! 😃

  • Rabecca Zerbe
    Rabecca Zerbe

    Omg best boatem meeting ever!!!!

  • Richard Woodrow
    Richard Woodrow

    Best Boatem Meeting Ever. 😂 As usual another great video. : )

  • flash forward animations
    flash forward animations

    12:09 so your gonna boatum into the boatum hole under the boatum pole to make a boatum goal The boatum puns are grate

  • Salamander Sharp
    Salamander Sharp

    hermitcraft season 8: chaos and callbacks

  • MaxterPaxter 08
    MaxterPaxter 08

    Hermitcraft: Season Puns

  • Firestrike Playz
    Firestrike Playz

    Make a void base under the boatem hole

  • Mr Chaoz
    Mr Chaoz


  • Mr Chaoz
    Mr Chaoz

    Brian is amazing

  • Mihail Yuhasz
    Mihail Yuhasz

    Doea grian not know you can lead boats? Or does that not work on java?

  • octosock88

    Hermitcraft is better than dsmp change my mind bet you cant

  • geniegamez

    8:41 best music I have ever heard nj

  • Steven Anselmi
    Steven Anselmi

    I love grain so much I’ve been here since he’s been on hermitcraft.Hes done so much love you! 🙂

  • Shane Mcfarlane
    Shane Mcfarlane

    1 week equals the length of my cruise the last video came out the day before my cruise

  • Kylie Shellenbarger
    Kylie Shellenbarger

    I love grian bc he just thinks of something out of the blue, then just sticks with it until it works.

  • Thegamerboy Abeer
    Thegamerboy Abeer

    You should hide the teg in the botem pole good idea

  • OrangeCountyAutoFilmer

    Here’s an idea: A boatem base. An enormous building in the shape of a boat where you guys can meet. Sort of like HEP versus Mycelium resistance

  • Apollo

    Hermitcraft 6: Didn’t see Hermitcraft 7: Big store Hermitcraft 8: *S H O P P I N G C E N T R E .*

  • Ishu7806 Gamer
    Ishu7806 Gamer

    You have girl friend 555555

  • Serenity Rivers
    Serenity Rivers

    grian's silent judging of mumbo's base says it all

  • Jamez700

    Elybeatmaker has to remix that time-lapse song

  • Strawberrie Oats
    Strawberrie Oats

    Whose watching in 2022?

  • xtotter

    Name:buissness bay II

  • Elliephant

    Well there is going to be a big base

  • 초승달 \ Crescent ch.
    초승달 \ Crescent ch.

    Grian gets the egg makes an egg game starts to lose the egg game sells the egg

  • Craftyjax9

    Look at ur sub count 6.9mil

  • David Baddd
    David Baddd

    People asking after one week:whhqjahdvdvdb Lazarbeam fans knowing they have to wait months to get one video

  • Acumi the Reaper
    Acumi the Reaper

    In a boatem hole, under a boatem pole, people meet to make a boatem goal. Better hope there's not a boatem mole

  • Acumi the Reaper
    Acumi the Reaper

    ElyBeatMaker remix of "wool train" when?

  • Austin Payne
    Austin Payne

    Scar in season 7 starter was a whole mythical village with lore... in comparison, this is much more of a starter base than that was lol

  • Entity _
    Entity _

    11.03 Never gonna bring you down never gonn- 😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Rouillard
    Ben Rouillard

    please ad dantdm to hermitcraft

  • Deactivated island
    Deactivated island

    28:48 yeah I think I can tell

  • Roslyn Jolene
    Roslyn Jolene

    Why doesn’t he just cover the hole with blocks

    • Ben

      Because that’s just not funny

  • Shah Jelani
    Shah Jelani

    Put a regen beacon next the lamas

  • Monkey

    After the egg game, a Hungarian horntail on the top of the mountain guarding its eggs would be super cool.

  • Fierce Fire
    Fierce Fire

    Can’t wait for elybeat makers “do-do-do-dooo train remix” 😂

  • TSamuel808

    8:40 Ely im awaiting your Remix.

  • Test for Heston
    Test for Heston

    Grian should sell bells at the top of the front train

  • HamHam

    Dont laugh at my red stone.. Me : doesn’t even know what he did to laugh at it

  • Outergalactic

    Grian: dodododo wool train dodododo wool train Elybeatmaker: it’s free real estate

  • AlphaGarbage

    couldn’t you have just put slime blocks at the bottom of the hole to get the llamas down and break the slime afterwards?

  • Aidan Roza
    Aidan Roza

    diagrian alley

  • Jarad

    Grian after all this time I've finally made a poultry man theme song here it goes duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna Poultry man poultry man poultry man poultry man duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna the hermitcraft hero oooh the hermitcraft hero oh oh oh oh oh oh poultry man poultry man poultry poultry poultry man oooh who is poultry man the man in the chicken suit duuu duna dudan poultry man

  • Hardy Boys
    Hardy Boys

    22:35 synced laugh

  • corrupt angel of light
    corrupt angel of light

    Grian am sure that 333 is a angel number! I have seen angel number alot lately! Here have some more 111, 222, 333

  • Yoshi Moshi
    Yoshi Moshi

    gigachad base

  • AssassinCat1016 'o'
    AssassinCat1016 'o'

    It’s genius, sell it for 100 diamonds an no one will buy it so he keeps it

  • Anadaere

    Yep, the Boatem Pole true megabase should be a giant barge underneath the entire village

  • Joel Mathew
    Joel Mathew

    He should have covered the broken bedrock with blocks and then brought the llama down.

  • I MDH I
    I MDH I


  • Joshua Lischy
    Joshua Lischy

    I see the reference to Sahara

  • Wei's Tofu
    Wei's Tofu

    Grian is just harassing impulse at this point

  • Bukkis the shiny Xurkitree
    Bukkis the shiny Xurkitree

    Oh grian that is a very HOT comeback to mumbo's comment "cough cough" sahara

  • Maryn van de Sande
    Maryn van de Sande

    Scar is still playing third life

  • Yatano Kagami
    Yatano Kagami

    Grian: "a potato has never been the cause of it either" Mumbo: /cries in sahara redstone

    • DatsMia

      @Frances Reign theyre called the architechs lol

    • Frances Reign
      Frances Reign

      Missing the collab and all the laughs of the sahara gang

  • Will Radford
    Will Radford

    bonemeal moss on bedrock to break the bedrock

  • bleh_Boo18

    5:41 who else thought he was legitimately gonna swear?

  • Kev-EDITS

    War plz

  • bella.isswagg

    be who you areeee for your priddeeee /lyrics