Things in Minecraft that make NO sense!
Things in Minecraft that make NO sense! Grian lists all the things that don't make much sense in Minecraft.. Logic goes out the window sometimes in exchange for gameplay - I thought it would be funny to share my observations with you!

The examples in this video are from Java Minecraft only.

Thank you to DomRao, Spring, Oculism, Jbip for their suggestions for this video!

  • Cycro the large planet
    Cycro the large planet

    3:25 well you are removing the layer

  • Teo Perssons
    Teo Perssons

    One hole stone makes one button🤨

  • isyou850

    the score is how much xp you had before you died

  • Sutam Pantong
    Sutam Pantong


  • Xx•bear•xX

    The score is how much exp you’ve absorbed

  • Donuts Of Fun
    Donuts Of Fun

    Grian: quasi connectivity doesn’t make sense. You can hear mumbo yelling at Grian for all eternity

  • StickyChannel92

    Minecraft is the most hilarious game I've ever played. With a bunch of nonsense.

  • bread is good
    bread is good

    the block of redstone make sense if you think

  • Jason Yan
    Jason Yan

    You are mumbo

  • MLGplayz gamez
    MLGplayz gamez

    For the magma blocks I think its based on the fact that you would put more pressure while running so you will be burnt but if you take your time and go slow then you won't be burnt.

  • KC Garcia
    KC Garcia

    minecraft does make no sense

  • christian marin
    christian marin

    funny vid

  • Awg Mohd Hadif
    Awg Mohd Hadif

    9:25 bedrock players:sad noise

  • ???????

    sneaking on coals doesnt hurt you because the player is being more careful around them

  • Markus Baute
    Markus Baute

    When he did the mlg he had resistance. So he wouldnt dieeven if he failed. Luv it

  • nyzi gusmi nadhilla
    nyzi gusmi nadhilla

    i pick cactus

  • The Reel Ash
    The Reel Ash

    The beacon - glass thing is so you don't accidentally blast through your window. Gives you a second to commit.

  • w01ffr34k

    Candles can float too but lanterns nah. Shame to cuz I'd love to jus have a ton of floating soul lanterns all over the place.

  • IBeDerpy

    i think the reason when you shift on magma you take no damage is because irl you would be more careful to only stop on blank space

  • jannette rivera
    jannette rivera

    If you throw a bedrock into the lava it's gonna break, but if you throw the netherite into the lava it doesn't break

  • pnwsnewton

    A torch can melt snow and ice but not snow blocks.


    10:51 my theory is that endure men actually think of cauldrons A’s bath tubs but doesn’t like getting wet like humans and lava well let’s just say it hurts them

    • Cycro the large planet
      Cycro the large planet

      It's endermen not endure men

  • Yes


  • Andrew Swansiger
    Andrew Swansiger

    In regards to the fence gate underneath carpet problem, you should be able to hold crouch and hop your way through the technically 1.5 block tall doorway.

  • April Croker
    April Croker

    The lava one you did it the start of the video even works with bedrock and but what it's placed it doesn't like but if you heat it into the lava it breaks

  • Kobe Gabriel Houdaille
    Kobe Gabriel Houdaille

    olnly in

  • Aidan Saris
    Aidan Saris

    Ok. Either Mojang did these on purpose or just did it and never noticed it.

  • Azmat Ali
    Azmat Ali

    Score is how many levels you have

  • _________

    4:40: immediately understood what edition u have and also from 9:27

  • EpixKiwi

    Fun fact: Cobblestone takes longer to mine than normal stone

  • Walfools

    Fun fact: the score is a combination of all xp youve collected since your last death

  • poop

    I bet u dont take dmg bcz u are crouching and walking carefully walking on it

  • not halo
    not halo

    Me too


    7:33 the villagers' budget ran out

  • mclycl

    Another thing is that if you stand in lava with fire res…. Fine. If the lava is in a cauldron burn away

  • Mudduck !
    Mudduck !

    all cows are female, meaning mojang purposely made all cows lesbian.

  • Jax rapana
    Jax rapana

    Prickly boy

  • Seven 4 Gaming
    Seven 4 Gaming

    Just normal Minecraft

  • Hayden Carlson
    Hayden Carlson

    The fact that you can hold snow doesn't make sense in the context of real life.

  • Lucas Visser
    Lucas Visser

    There is another thing about cake that doesn't make sense. WHERE DID YOU GET THE CHERRIES FROM?! But for the magma, you could see the crouching thing as your character carefully stepping on the stones and avoiding the hot parts.

  • The Minecraft Pro MMX
    The Minecraft Pro MMX

    4:10 Grian: There's no goal in Minecraft. The Entire Speedrunning Community: :\

  • Hashim Alkooheji
    Hashim Alkooheji

    New minecrafters: you can’t break bedrock Old/bedrock.e minecrafters: who says bedrock.e is always broken

  • It's Small Brain Time :)
    It's Small Brain Time :)

    You think the fact you can survive in a single block of water from a 100 foot drop? *No, you can also survive in like a tenth of a block. Just think of the water flowing away from the source block.* Minecraft is not famous for realism.

  • Allistor Richards
    Allistor Richards

    The Grindstone getting rid of enchantments actually makes sense when you think of the enchantments as runes magically inscribed on the item. If you get scrape off the runes the magic fades.

  • JurelTuFi

    Prickly boi

  • Lukas Moore
    Lukas Moore

    Gravel hold a lantern

  • Cycro the large planet
    Cycro the large planet

    9:02 I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky

  • Cycro the large planet
    Cycro the large planet

    7:55 a room called "I shouldn't exist" 7:58 also this

  • Cycro the large planet
    Cycro the large planet

    6:43 pickaxes should work for breaking glass Change my mind

  • Shruto Som Das
    Shruto Som Das


  • Vin Agribusiness - Fert
    Vin Agribusiness - Fert

    grian this is gust i mean gust a game bro

  • Tahlia Johnson
    Tahlia Johnson

    You're insulting the mansion that I designed? How could you? I know I didn't design it, it was just I told my brother that and even though we both know that we're lying (he said he did the inside) it's still something that doesn't make sense.

  • I also noticed that it doesn't make sense if you drink a night vision poison the Skye turns light purple, but if it starts raining the sky turns white

  • Nick Nelson
    Nick Nelson

    And in real life if u soak wood in water it will be fine and if you soak wool, cotton or carpet etc it will be wet. SO IT MAKES SENCE

  • Nick Nelson
    Nick Nelson

    Presure plate is made of wood and stone and carpet is made up of wool. It makes sense

  • Rodolfo Vásquez
    Rodolfo Vásquez

    Minecraft score is sec

  • FeatherTaill

    Grian, score Is how much XP you took in total whal you where alive. Btw i know this ... And aditionaly played Minecraft for 3 years.. you a profesional player more then 5 years played Minecraft and... You dont know for score ? Lol gg

  • Redgamer

    In alpha you could plant some wheat when the dirt is 1 block under the bedrock goes "have a nice day and just disappears into no where lol

  • April Croker
    April Croker

    On the very first one you did which was lava you could eat bedwalk into it jnka

  • April Croker
    April Croker

    On the very first one you did at the start of a video which was lava you could yeet

  • April Croker
    April Croker

    On the very first one you made which was lava yeet

  • skull faces
    skull faces

    the outside of the bucket is weaker lol

  • Paul Paulsen
    Paul Paulsen

    Stone pickaxes can mine stone. Iron pickaxes can mine iron. Diamond pickaxes can mine diamonds. So why can't golden pickaxes mine gold? It just doesn't make sense!

    • Beam

      Pure gold can can easily be bent by hand

  • Jazz 'n'stop studios
    Jazz 'n'stop studios

    "Kaputt" - Grian

  • DreamerCat09

    In pocket edition pots don't flout Grian

  • Grean you forgot to say lava in a caldron will hurt or kill mobs that should not burn.

  • järëđ _plàys
    järëđ _plàys

    11:42 yes when go get hit by a sword it those alot of damage but still survive but in irl one hit of sword Dead

  • MME

    The Redstone thing is just a glitch also the cactus thing that is part of the new updates and plus this is Minecraft it’s a game that could be glitches but I do agree on the giant saw blade/stone cutter I am a little disappointed and do damage but it again it is a crafting item I’m thinking craft an item should do damage to you when you’re trying to craft something but I do agree it is a little disappointing no hate please I love your videos

  • Sawsan Alasaad
    Sawsan Alasaad

    Hahaha very funny

  • RGB Animations
    RGB Animations

    I think the score is how much experience points you have when you die

  • Anton Goodfriend
    Anton Goodfriend

    one prickly boi is ganna win i know my memes

  • Omzua12

    The reason stonecutters dont do damage, its cuz villager, move around alot and they commonly jump into their work stations, so the masons might die because of this.

  • Barkbreath

    I think you have a score so the game knows how close you were to beating the game.

  • Kendra Gardner
    Kendra Gardner

    RIP bucket

  • Aicesnow

    when you crouch on magma blocks you are carefall and dont tach the hot staff

  • Lynda X
    Lynda X

    One prickly boy


    Prickly boi

  • grian how can animals survive whithout food

  • drx2021

    Believe it or not that's pretty rare finding a village in a temple or whatever that thing is!! BTW I love your videos.

  • Swizzle gamer :/
    Swizzle gamer :/

    I am thinking why when he died to the magma he has a bunch of redstone lol 😂

  • Purple Burples
    Purple Burples

    it doesn't make sense to YOU. i get it tho

  • Marin 2.0
    Marin 2.0

    I got one more thing that doesnt make sense in minecraft: If you put a bucket of water in a cauldron u can take only 3 bottles of water till it tuns out BUT if you pour the same bucket on the ground you can take Infinite bottles of water from it

  • lily shannon
    lily shannon

    It’s a game

  • Kian Abiera TV
    Kian Abiera TV

    Add the magma block doest burn wood and lava can.

  • AndyRayland

    Dont hate, i mean hes a builder like me and builders always look at the details and logics in minecraft so its very relatable

  • Rigen Sanjung
    Rigen Sanjung

    boat makes Zero or No sense : 48 blocks : yes 50 blocks : yes 49 blocks : no

  • The Angry Donut
    The Angry Donut

    10:00 because u step on the bits that arent on fire

  • K B
    K B

    I think the score when you die is like the exp you got while playing

  • Thinking Playz
    Thinking Playz


  • Iaysha Miah
    Iaysha Miah

    Shoot a hope in the door arrow gets stuck shoot it at a sign it goes through

  • Always Maaya
    Always Maaya

    You can put a cauldron filled with water in the nether

  • Stormtrooper 8
    Stormtrooper 8

    I’m pretty sure spiders silk is one of the strongest substances on earth, stronger than steel. So the cobweb>Wood thing makes sense to me

  • Jennifer Wall
    Jennifer Wall

    Fish die on land guardians and elder guardians do not!?

    • Jennifer Wall
      Jennifer Wall

      AlsoTorchesDo not damage you want to stand on them but campfires do!?

  • SpeakerGaming47

    Java: bedrock redstone is weird. Also Java redstone:

  • Le Steve Man
    Le Steve Man

    Score is how many exp you lost when you died smart one

  • heat-flame21

    8:36 that anoys me because the majority don't realise that a feather is an entity and an anvil us a block so any block will not push the drophead down but... entity's will

  • Baba is Play
    Baba is Play

    Thing that doesnt make sense You cant jump on a fence. but if you put a carpet in top,it will make it taller but you can go over it

  • Nebo Phillips
    Nebo Phillips

    well you probably died when the enderman was mad