One trick to change the way you build in Minecraft
One trick to change the way you build in Minecraft Grian in this building tutorial shares a trick that has become easier and easier as more blocks have been added to Minecraft. Try using it on your builds and see how it changes things!

  • حبشكلات Babil
    حبشكلات Babil

    Like bro this tip is so awesome never thought about it. And my favorite house of the ones you built is the white one that is one i would like to live in the black one though could fit really well in the nether

  • Tzen Hyn is a qt
    Tzen Hyn is a qt

    @Grian I really need more build school videos! I want to improve my building and try to build like you! Can you make a video on how to make you Hermitcraft 8 starter base please :(

  • Neeko Is A Cat
    Neeko Is A Cat

    I really love the light gray to white and the black to dark gray because black and white are my favorite colors (no, I'm not depressed and not trying to sound or act depressed, i just love black, for some reason). Also, thanks for teaching us how to improve at building, not showing us a block for block tutorial 😍

  • HYX6


  • breyauna jacobs
    breyauna jacobs

    There’s no pink palette 😪

  • LimeyGamingAnimator2144


  • Living Murphy's Law
    Living Murphy's Law

    After seeing this, I tried making a gradient as perfect as possible. It took over 90 blocks to go from black to white.

  • Delivered Potatoes
    Delivered Potatoes

    The black one is so cool

  • RedElixer

    Gradient at 11:34 ;D Edit: The black - white one is Black concrete Black wool Black concrete powder Blackstone Gray concrete Gray wool Basalt Smooth Basalt Gray concrete powder Deepslate Tuff Light gray concrete Stone Gravel Andesite Light gray wool Light gray concrete powder Diorite Calcite Smooth quartz White concrete White wool White concrete powder

  • Plug Wafer
    Plug Wafer

    impulse's base is an awesome example of this

  • Legend Lotusgaming
    Legend Lotusgaming

    One question when or what reason to put gradient to your builds?

  • Aarnav Bhandari
    Aarnav Bhandari

    The last one looks like Grian's hermitcraft 7 starter base !

  • Darcy Glavine
    Darcy Glavine

    the black one is definitely my fav

  • MR.random57

    Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • Mr.Danger

    I Might sound crazy but in this video he sounds like dantdm

  • Taylor Janzen
    Taylor Janzen

    The 4th house that goes from black to grey is the best or the grey to white is second best.

  • Taylor Janzen
    Taylor Janzen

    You are a great youtuber and these gradients are really useful but i have some questions. First how are you supposed to know how many blocks high to place and in what order. Second is in your gradient recipes that you showed us how are you supposed to know how much blocks to choose in that gradient like going from dark to lighter blocks. Thanks for the gradient recipes by the way that will be helpful. I am building a castle so not sure how many blocks i should pick for shading.

  • bfdi firey
    bfdi firey

    two stone "pillars" that seems a bit sus youre hiding something

  • Taylor Janzen
    Taylor Janzen

    Hey i was thinking and so you just pick some blocks you like and go from dark to light for shading the outside of your build? I was wondering if their is any certain order to put the blocks when shading. I would love some advice from anyone but would love to hear from Grian. I love building big projects in minecraft like castles and mansions s shading would help ne alot to make my designs on the exterior way better if i knew how but still a little confused on shading. Grian is a great minecraft youtuber and so helpful.

  • Devin Derek Yu
    Devin Derek Yu

    Grian is basically the Bob Ross of minecraft

  • Matvey Adishchev
    Matvey Adishchev

    The best is moss to stone

  • ZDragonimated

    As much as I hated it I added diorite to my build because of this, and it... actually looks pretty good. Woah.

  • Dom

    Save a bit of time, a tip a street artist once told me, you don't need to step back, just squint 🎨👍

  • Lunar

    If this was made 28 days earlier he would re-texture the blocks to all have the same color And have no gradient

  • mrfrog 091
    mrfrog 091

    No this vidio is about Griandients... lets hit 30000 dislikes for this comment the joke is terrible

  • JustARandomGuy

    This doesnt sound like grian

  • JackxProfitt - Roblox
    JackxProfitt - Roblox

    “WOOL? I WOULNT USE WOOL!” Grian Hermitcraft 7 base : “what about me… you used it on me”

  • TheDirtyDuckie

    The moss one is definitely my favorite for that particular build.

  • Nathan Andrews
    Nathan Andrews

    I wish this video included an easy way to do this in world edit. Thats what i came to the video for. It's hard to do a gradient by hand over a large area.

  • Magnitech

    It’s nice to see your still doing these, so I would really like to see a dock tutorial?

  • Jocef Oting
    Jocef Oting

    And how did you get so good at building?

  • Jocef Oting
    Jocef Oting

    Can you transform a regular village into an amazing village

  • MonkeyMan5177

    no one: grain: *v e r y d a r k b l a c k*

  • ess h
    ess h

    wool as a building block is all well and good, until stuff starts catching on fire 🤣

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh

    How to build a mordern house which have all important room for survival in 1.17

  • Kurogane Shiroe
    Kurogane Shiroe

    The one with black to dark gray is the closest thing to a horror house, just add lights, cobwebs, destroyed blocks, moss w/ mossy cobble and dim lights. Also visit this at night

  • arPos Kraft
    arPos Kraft

    o nonono grian.... art, architecture, and nature....are not subjective, they follow mathematical rules, theres a reason why some things work and some things do not

  • Hussain Sattar
    Hussain Sattar

    We learned too much from this guy :)😄

  • Pengy

    is build school back?

  • Johnny Sloot
    Johnny Sloot

    This was the theam of Grians starter base

  • A Random Bird Flying
    A Random Bird Flying

    Barely Remembers GRADIENTS For Building Skool

  • Zoe Kester
    Zoe Kester

    gray to white is my fav

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis

    I love how Grian teaches the fundamentals so you can develop your own style

  • TheGamerWasNotHere

    Yes Build school

  • Christine Sellars
    Christine Sellars

    What about purple gradient

  • Lukas Balch
    Lukas Balch

    11:54 🥵

  • The egg master
    The egg master

    Can you cover towers in the future of this series?

  • ShadeSlayer 7772
    ShadeSlayer 7772

    Grian do you recommend using scaffolding on survival?

  • Fatt0ri

    i wish grian were my art teacher, he just inspires me to build all day long

  • MechanicalMove 1
    MechanicalMove 1

    you can also use ore like coal ore because it has a sort of built-in transfer of colors

  • Anshuman Chatterjee
    Anshuman Chatterjee

    This taught me more than my online classes

  • James T
    James T

    I just realised he used the house design in hermitcraft 8

  • Pheonix

    How do we build the white one?

  • Oooooooooooooooooooooo

    I like how he openly admits he clickbait. Absolute savage.

  • Dodzuy

    I really like the last house with the moss. Also love the blocks they gave us in 1.17 they help a lot with gradients

  • Finn-Agin

    It’s funny watching this after season 8 started

  • jarno gerrets
    jarno gerrets

    sooooo season 8 base anyone?

  • el ßcrub o
    el ßcrub o

    Why no world download?

  • Arthur Jensen
    Arthur Jensen

    I know

  • Tennoki

    Ah gradients... Looks absolutely beautiful from outside and especially from afar. Yet makes me want to gouge my eyes out when I'm actually in the house.

    • - SwanCake -
      - SwanCake -

      That's why you make the house slightly bigger so you can place blocks inside to have the wall and such colours you like (for example, instead of 4×4 you make it 6×6, so you can change how the inside looks without making living space smaller)

  • Grass

    isnt that house he uses the one in hermit craft 8

  • Neve Pashley
    Neve Pashley

    can we get a tutorial on the build pls, they're amazing

  • FishingWithSG101 Canada
    FishingWithSG101 Canada


  • CookieMan

    m i the only one who realise how similar those houses to grian's hermitcraft season 8 starter base?

    • KauShik

      Yea , looks similar tho.

    • CookieMan

      @Llamas At Midnight good to know

    • Llamas At Midnight
      Llamas At Midnight


  • Ath Adam
    Ath Adam

    F*ck the zodiac signs What is your favorite minecraft build gradient

  • Lukkray _
    Lukkray _

    So what do we do for interiors? The inside walls would look bad, so idk how you would pull that off.

  • Asdmobie

    U littery hate granite in the past builds

  • Neon Pink Queen
    Neon Pink Queen

    This is it bois. The video I've been needing

  • Leonardo Massoto
    Leonardo Massoto

    I enjoyed the last building, with vines

  • Dabbo Pabblo
    Dabbo Pabblo

    its cool how over the years builds have slowly transformed from being uniform, square and monotone to being so varied and "messy"

  • Tinfoil Gamer384
    Tinfoil Gamer384

    Can you do a black to brown please? I’m working on a mega base and can’t find any black to brown tutorials.

  • A Minty Lumberjack
    A Minty Lumberjack


  • SwagyYulian

    6.66M subscribers koolio

  • idea1sm

    Finally diorite is useful

  • []

    "Welcome to Professor Grian's Gradient Class MC in University of Craftbridge"

    • Justin Kim Matriz
      Justin Kim Matriz

      Im the top student lol haahahha jk

  • NightmareNarwhal

    The black one is 100% my favourite

  • Faith in Christ
    Faith in Christ

    Repent from your sins before its to late.

    • Draiko Animations
      Draiko Animations


  • Evalyn

    Gravel, thats cool technique

  • Silly_Kitsune

    I have stacks of gravel for paths and concrete

  • pehpers

    When u have the same charachter but a different type of skin

  • William Brennan
    William Brennan

    building out of wool is cursed

  • The -ing Nerds
    The -ing Nerds

    I'm working on a 2-color (cyan concrete to prismarine) on some edging. This lizard frill I've got going on looks really sweet now.

  • Rafael Lucero
    Rafael Lucero

    Gemini Tay already created this kind of gradient wall in her snow castle on their could check that out.... it's much better.... girl's touch might be the key

  • Grady Thomson
    Grady Thomson


  • 🅱️idat Tree
    🅱️idat Tree

    build our starter diamonds house

  • wallisa2011

    pearlescent moon hermitcraft when? her content is absolutely beautiful

  • Dart

    I love that in hermitcraft hes so clumsy but in these videos he basically has no emotion lol

  • Leo Augustine
    Leo Augustine

    What about a desert gradient any idea

  • the egg
    the egg

    i really like the gray house

  • Nadav Dreiangel
    Nadav Dreiangel

    This video advanced my buildings so much thank you grian

  • Ivan Mata
    Ivan Mata


  • CyVriX

    Can you make Among Us based builds?

  • SammyJace Gaming
    SammyJace Gaming

    Oh and will you make a video so that is so us how to make a float in diamond castle



  • Lloyd Ivenn
    Lloyd Ivenn

    Did you say pink or peach at the end when you were discussing the different types of gradients? Because it sounded like you said pink...

  • scott thacker
    scott thacker

    Gradients ??? Or Greydeenns

  • Jayden DeOliviera
    Jayden DeOliviera

    do a tutorial how to make yhis

  • Zoë Cheney
    Zoë Cheney

    "I wouldn't use wool!" Etho has left the chat

  • Stephex Fox
    Stephex Fox

    me 1,2 and 5 my girlfriend 3 and 5

    • Subhasish Ghosh
      Subhasish Ghosh


  • Drqgons

    I love the white one