3rd Life: Episode 8 - THE FINAL LIFE
3rd Life: Episode 8 - THE FINAL LIFE 3rd life finale - Grian is seeing this series through, who will win?

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  • Grian

    Make it to the end of the video to find out about a season 2...

    • Marcus Sinimeri
      Marcus Sinimeri

      You told us the name of S2 we just didn't know

    • Nio Mendoza
      Nio Mendoza

      Lol. We hope

    • Elliott likes geese
      Elliott likes geese

      is it time yet

    • Corvus Corax
      Corvus Corax


    • Trande

      Grian, I demand you use Doctor Who skins for the next season.

  • ionno nomo
    ionno nomo

    i never expected this series to be so sad wtf

  • A Human
    A Human

    That was the most bittersweet ending I have ever seen

  • Jellyfish Gumdrop
    Jellyfish Gumdrop

    Is Scott and Timmy actually married? Or is it some joke I missed?

  • Roasted Lemon
    Roasted Lemon

    I binged this series in one night, I cannot wait to see how final life will turn out

  • Ryan Graff
    Ryan Graff

    I know I’m late but I love how the first and last kills were grian killing scar

  • Myron Bullock
    Myron Bullock

    I feel like I just watched the end of the hunger games

  • Lala fisher
    Lala fisher


  • Gabriel

    oh man, they could have won for real, if scar hadnt killed grian when he did, they were the best team

  • Ashari

    The war was begun when Grian slew Scar, and it ended when he did it again.

  • Shearlin

    That was an amazing series!

  • Yunz_

    "it was just a prank" -Grian 2021

  • Alexander Smidt
    Alexander Smidt

    Scar: Did you do it? Grian: Yes. Scar: What did it cost? Grian: Everything.

  • Andvoip

    ok but that ending was actually really sad

  • Johnmarl Gucilatar
    Johnmarl Gucilatar

    This is the most epic thing i ever watch

  • Andrew Cain
    Andrew Cain

    The first and last death of the series.... Grian killing the only man he ever loved... :')

  • Shane Taffy
    Shane Taffy

    That end was so bittersweet

  • David Lindgren
    David Lindgren

    Thus was great'

  • ytirar

    “big b do something!” lmao reminds me of some other server

  • Tmanfreit

    Wow that was a sad ending tbh what a series

  • Happiness & Harmony
    Happiness & Harmony

    DUDE name your sword the Renslayer

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen

    Petition to put 3rd life on every streaming platform available

  • Anna Mercer
    Anna Mercer

    tell me why I'm crying at the ending in the middle of the night ahhhh

  • raspberryice

    This amazing alliance all started because it was just a prank bro

  • raspberryice

    This amazing alliance all started because it was just a prank bro

  • Karol

    OH MY GOD THAT ENDING!! the drama, the betrayal, the friendship,,,, grian basically got all of scars lives... i love this series, so pumped to watch s2 now

  • Anna C's Place
    Anna C's Place

    i was not ready for that after binging this all in one day

  • RandomLizard_

    This was so entertaining the ending was just amazing, this will go done in the history books

  • Đức Anh
    Đức Anh

    Last life let's go!!!

  • othrim

    By far one of the best things i've watch. binged all episodes all day and hooked. welldone to you all. BIG fan

  • Paul Hindle
    Paul Hindle

    GG grian so impressed that you made it i cannot belive your the only yuotuber that i wached when comming in hermit craft and third life GG grian = )

  • Bit James
    Bit James

    This was hands down in the top 3 favorite minecraft series I have seen great job guys! Congrat Grian on your win even if it did come with the death of a friend!

  • Chris Alexander
    Chris Alexander

    This was so good. I always laughed at people who watch other people play video games on ISdowns. Sorry, this was amazing

  • ChromeCable

    How can these minecraft videos possibly be so emotional?!?!?

  • cheese burgur 6
    cheese burgur 6

    I came back since the new season is out and I hope it is as good

  • Square

    I feel like I watched a speedrun of the dream smp

  • MegaMiley

    Just learned about this series thanks to Last Life and I love it!!

  • SKD

    27:37 those words made me feel so sad yet happy at the same time respect to scar 💯

  • verty

    *ThAnK u So MuCh FoR tHe ClOcK*

  • I'm just a guy
    I'm just a guy

    Man theres only a few monecraft videos that hit you in the feeks and this is one of them. That and the one with the skyblock fish

  • nomorechoclate

    Talk about hunger games , am I right

  • Migle Swiss
    Migle Swiss

    Is it bad that the end literally made me sob

  • Kev

    This was so dramatic and it felt almost planned. I love that Grian and Scar were too guilty to finish each other off, so they did a cactus arena duel.

  • aera12 gaming
    aera12 gaming

    Can we just all agree that Grian killing Scar at the very beginning was the BEST play ever and it was not a prank or a mistake it was for friendship. Them coming together would soon turn into an 8 episodes series and a chaotic one too. Grian said the kingdom has fallen no sir as long as you will willing to fight the kingdom lives and THAT is what you and Scar did you fought with pride no honor well... a little But in the end you came out on top so CONGRATS Grian and good luck on season 2.

  • Shadow then Hedhog
    Shadow then Hedhog

    If this was staged they did a magnificent job (I don’t think it was staged tho)

  • wHittY

    I have just bench watched this entire series, great job on it and I cant wait till the next

  • Drippy Sock Studios
    Drippy Sock Studios

    That was the most beautiful ending🥲

  • Gecko20

    why did i put off watching this, this was so much fun to watch xD

  • Blank Space
    Blank Space

    From the start i knew they will be the last two left and will be battling it out for the last life.... amazing

  • That Internet Dude
    That Internet Dude

    He should've called the Sword "Pizza's Glory" or something like that.

  • Makeup Artist Shari Hardt
    Makeup Artist Shari Hardt

    This was like the original Japanese battle royal movie from 2000 😁

  • Golden1719

    Deadly duo or what🤣👍🏻

  • YagBoyCyns Gaming
    YagBoyCyns Gaming

    Me trying to watch all perspectives of the fight be like:

  • Paper Clip
    Paper Clip

    He had three hearts left when he jumped marking the three lives

  • Félix Jomphe
    Félix Jomphe

    It was the best episode of 3rd life ever😁😁!!!

  • Faking Gaming
    Faking Gaming

    Me watching 3rd life at 3 am lol

  • Mambe

    This was so fun to watch

  • Mambe

    Lets face it, grian was the main character.

  • KF _24-7_Gamer
    KF _24-7_Gamer

    LOL. Scar won in my eyes. GG

  • LowlyPooch4

    Grian: I've won, but at what cost?

  • Usman Alpha
    Usman Alpha

    Just watched grian won mcc lol he is a god better than dream

  • Red Target
    Red Target

    If they somehow get Technoblade to join third life season 2, I will binge watch the series 10 times on fold.

  • seniorloon

    At the end of, it all really reminded me of the fable of the Turtle and the Scorpion

  • Violet Collins
    Violet Collins

    This is the best wow 10/10

  • Tyler Wallace
    Tyler Wallace

    The twist in the end was epic. Absolutely loved it

  • Panda McGrath
    Panda McGrath

    Season 2? Not here.

  • Wong Hai shuan (Hws)
    Wong Hai shuan (Hws)


  • Da Fam
    Da Fam

    I think this was one of my favorites series.


    King.... King.... King...... King..... King.....

  • IncrediBILL

    Just binge watched this whole series for the first time cos for some reason I didn't when it first came out. This is probably the most engaged I've ever been with a series, I hope season 2 comes soon 🤞

  • Ghost

    that was so good honestly better than hermitcraft

  • Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Since this server had no rules, it’s technically an anarchy server. Kinda like a family friendly non-scripted dream smp

  • Alien


  • Master Red
    Master Red


  • Arkham Raid
    Arkham Raid

    Thou hath cheated us out of our season 2

  • 14Bonez

    Can we just appreciate the character arcs and growth throughout the series. "Even thoug I don't owe him anymore, I feel a morale obligation to keep scar alive" - Grian.

  • Benjamin Churchill
    Benjamin Churchill

    I really wanted the to go down together, like hunger games style with the berries

  • phoenix 219
    phoenix 219

    Everyone one else hyped about the new map True Grian fans: Lessgo same chaos proceeds to jump off of roof and into a water fall and run around with a stick while killing people with tnt minecarts

  • Sloe Lightning
    Sloe Lightning

    I binged this whole thing and do not regret it I was super engaged

  • Deadly King
    Deadly King

    i love your friendship scar and grain. ❤️😭

  • Deadly King
    Deadly King



    Grian killed dream he can kill anyone

  • J Armstrong
    J Armstrong

    I like how scar was the first death and also the last before the winner was crowned

  • Emiko Cooper
    Emiko Cooper

    What is the name of the music called at 30:04?

  • Flynnt Wallace
    Flynnt Wallace

    That actually felt like a tv series.

  • Hridaan Roshan
    Hridaan Roshan

    The fall season is approaching and I can’t wait for the second season!

  • Ángel Gribaudo
    Ángel Gribaudo

    This was truly a masterpiece, well done sir

  • Ikar Aviator
    Ikar Aviator

    Oh I just got so precise idea how I could animate entire 3rd life into one epic animated movie. Buuut 1. I have no proper tools (programs etc) 2. I haven't practised animation for a while 3. I have not time for such things

    • Le frogg
      Le frogg

      this'd be so cool tho

  • Nio Mendoza
    Nio Mendoza

    Just a thought… wither??

  • Nio Mendoza
    Nio Mendoza

    The moment grian finally attacked scar and he just didn’t fight back. Tears. Omfg

  • Connor's Corner
    Connor's Corner

    He's Mary Poppins ya'll

  • Balwinder Kaur
    Balwinder Kaur

    I just wanted to remember the date of season 2 And ended up watching it all again

  • Alec Tardy
    Alec Tardy

    When scar said grian could kill him was an ultimate bro moment

  • The Gaming Vanix
    The Gaming Vanix

    The greatest sad ending ever. Rest in Pepperoni Pizza Scar.😢

  • WhatThuSmell

    minecraft lord of the flies

  • Ashley Groves
    Ashley Groves

    That honestly was brilliant, enjoyed more than hermit craft

  • Vister

    Grain got the first kill and last kill in the series

  • Jwuu015

    This would never happen if Grian killed himself in like- episode 2 and freed himself

  • MrJithers

    This needs to be a movie. same characters. same story. same everything

  • Sanek_1

    This series would of gone so much differently if grian didnt kill scar as a prank