Interesting Ways to Hide your Base in Minecraft
Interesting Ways to Hide your Base in Minecraft grian is here to show you a few more hidden base techniques in minecraft and how to make a hidden base where you keep all your important minecraft things.

All of these 100% work on Java edition of Minecraft, I can not confirm if they also work on Bedrock Edition.

  • Donna Robertson
    Donna Robertson

    Iv got one

  • Dhruv Balikai
    Dhruv Balikai


  • BILL

    hey anyone know how to join a smp i need to make a secret base now!!!

  • spamuel98

    Grian's over here making platform 9 and 3/4 in Minecraft.

  • George’s pet rat 🐀
    George’s pet rat 🐀

    It’s been a long time since he has upload a video of tips and tricks for house and I’m so happy

  • BladePlays

    Grian: everything I care about is in this room Me looking at the mumbo face: Mumbo Jumbo too?

  • The Pancake Alchemist
    The Pancake Alchemist

    After seeing the ocelots win I need something to un hype my self

  • Grimm1517

    Rip bedrock users such as myself

  • Muhammad Munir
    Muhammad Munir

    He is also using redstone

  • Melody Joy Dy
    Melody Joy Dy

    ik know almost all a these

  • Jacksonplayz961

    Grian : everything here is the stuff I like Me: even a mumbo jumbo!

  • SleepySheepy

    (☞゚∀゚)☞ lol all of these methods use end-game items!

  • SleepySheepy

    1:47 zombie dead cause of netherite sword

  • GoldBall Product
    GoldBall Product

    2:08 an excellent security thing, if someone breaks a wall you will be brought to your base

  • Luke L.
    Luke L.

    grian anybody could do this video what happened to your unique building videos that only you could do i miss them

  • DailyShadowYT

    Grian Plws Do More Like This I love it Because its a small vid we can watch as we wait for hermit craft

  • Gavin Elroy Santoso
    Gavin Elroy Santoso

    Grian: *does last trick* Me: I dont think you should do it because it dosent work when teleporting in a secret base in impulse base (hc s7)

  • Gavin Elroy Santoso
    Gavin Elroy Santoso

    Grian: *does second trick* Still Grian: I learned this from Etho Me: Now im getting memories about the turf war in hc s6

    • Gavin Elroy Santoso
      Gavin Elroy Santoso

      emergency meeting button

  • Maggie Hooten
    Maggie Hooten

    I like that he didn’t clickbait

  • EnderPro86

    Yes. Let me just get home by dying to make sure my friends don’t find my secret base on my hardcore server

  • finno

    i kinda miss Grians bob ross voice... he just to talk very calm in 2016.....

  • ✰SiimplyMuffins✰

    You must really not like things because there is basically nothing in your base

  • BlankPicketSign

    Grian: Everything that I care about is in this room Me: Stares at Mumbo! "Awwww!!!!"

  • Rockets4Life Gaming
    Rockets4Life Gaming

    4:19 This is the opposite of Quicksand. This is Quicksnow. You fall through it fast though.

  • Farsk

    If only he did this in the game of tegg.

  • Uhhfy

    Cool but it wont need to be secret if I have no friends

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B

    Let me get this straight you kill yourself which in other words you probably know what do you put your valuables in an Ender Chest and then just kill yourself and you respond

  • Sulthan Maulana
    Sulthan Maulana

    I’m pretty sure this video is inspired by TEGG hiding spots

  • Kommander Khan
    Kommander Khan


  • dunkindu

    Just hook up a daylight censor to the ender pearl teleporter so when your done exploring when it becomes night it will teleport you

  • Hifaltt

    "Everything I care about is in _this_ room" Congratulations Grian, you've finally reached level ♾ of the "Best Friends Ever" test :) You have already won our hearts

  • TOMato Pyx
    TOMato Pyx

    6.9m subs, noice

  • Pacomatic

    I just hide it under a single block of dirt Mine it and you will have found the base-- However it's on naturally generated terrain so unless you really wanna find the base, chances are you won't even notice it.

  • ShakeandSkate107

    Grian: you can go through a slab Grian: *Doesn't know you can do it through blocks*

  • abe

    Maybe powder snow with a scafholding under it?

  • Hudson Fieber
    Hudson Fieber

    I will definitely do your ideas to hide my base from my sister

  • LuckyOfSword

    well put my tea in the microwave, how the heck did you discover these?

  • Liam Harris
    Liam Harris

    Can't wait to use the endervault entrance on my hardcore world!

  • bobík

    6:33 will use it in my hardcore word

  • Nebo Phillips
    Nebo Phillips

    the first one has mumbo in it

  • Tiger Alpha Lonnie
    Tiger Alpha Lonnie

    My problem when it comes to hiding basis is how in the world do they get get out. You're basically stuck in there forever

  • ghastlygNO

    0:52 love the way he says slab

  • JΞT.Ð.Ð Y PRØ 彡々 彡
    JΞT.Ð.Ð Y PRØ 彡々 彡

    Grian : put all your items in an ender chest and die Hardcore Minecraft players be like: am I a joke to you ?

  • MegaMatas

    With the chorus trick, you could put you're base under a lake because you can't use chorus fruits to teleport into water, so you would always go to you're base.

  • Hawk Leigh
    Hawk Leigh

    Grian: "You can put all your things in an Ender Chest, die, and respawn at your secret base! Neat right?!" Me: **sobs in hardcore**

  • KingFun626

    Instructions unclear, tried to hide the mumbo

  • Andre Lei
    Andre Lei

    1:55 Mumbo: *happy minecraft noises*

  • Lucas Perez
    Lucas Perez

    4:37 You’re literally calling intruders garbage 🗑 by activating the trash 🗑 can! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Electrored Wery
    Electrored Wery

    I came from branzy

  • Pastagamingboi

    I’m gonna use the one where you have to die in my hardcore world

  • Some person
    Some person

    The 5th one is basically keep inventory but you have to have one ender chest in your inventory and that would be your way of activating it.

  • xX VideoGamesRule Xx
    xX VideoGamesRule Xx

    Love how he said “Everything I care about is in this room” but didn’t mention the Mumbo portrait for half the vid 🤣🤣

  • xX VideoGamesRule Xx
    xX VideoGamesRule Xx

    I’m probably gonna use the slab phasing and shulker box For my single player world of course

  • Eddih2008

    this is gonna be so usefull in my singleplayer world...

  • SlimeTime1

    i love how mumbos head is in there XD he also says something about how the things in that room r important to him LOL

  • No one Absolutely no one
    No one Absolutely no one

    This was for shadowing the future on how he really cared about putting Mumbo in power

  • Ben Goldberg
    Ben Goldberg

    Chorus fruit won't teleport you into water, so if you fill all the blocks which are close to your "secret entrance" with water, leaving air inside your base, then that's the only place it will put you.

  • Wil

    me hiding my base even though im in a solo world and have no friends

  • Some_Guy_89

    Is it possible to make an e pearl chamber in bedrock?

  • DepsterDong

    Another one is to use the waterfall, carve out behind it, and use it to wim in.

  • smhSweat

    Ah here again. Grian, the god of building.

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    Daisy Gaudette

    rip in peace hardcore players

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    1:44 HELLO THERE!

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    Wats sup whi the mumbo in the house 😅

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    Ronin YT

    5:57 me in my hardcore world: - __ -

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    Aniket Singh

    paglar mathay goo

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    Annmo [TMGD]

    2:11 "Is it this one? No 😐"

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    How many chorus fruit did it take!?

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    The Ironic Pepper

    1:44 GENERAL KENOBI!!!

  • Misledduken55


  • Zaki Firasi
    Zaki Firasi

    You can phase through top half slabs by throwing an ender pearl under it and holding jump. This doesn't always works though

  • Almond Brrito39
    Almond Brrito39

    Mumbos face was in the base

  • Xcaliber 600
    Xcaliber 600

    Raise your hand if Grian hurt your feelings by punching the Ender Chest?

  • The Timey Wimey Corner of History Nonsense
    The Timey Wimey Corner of History Nonsense


  • Little Pen
    Little Pen

    but how can i get out with the shulker box technique ?

  • Light Spam
    Light Spam

    2:51 make sure you have a delay on the redstone, long enough to place the block back

  • LoserXD

    "Just set your spawn and kill yourself somehow" Philza Minecraft, and everyone else who plays in hardcore: No no I don't think I will

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    pedro benito mestre

    There should be more non hermitcraft videos

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    Tristan Woodhurst

    5:20 "You need a mumbo painting" why yes Grian, i now need a Mumbo painting lol

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    why did you use miles instead of kilometers? are you an american in disguise!?

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    First one is literally platform 9 3/4

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    Ruben Garcia

    Yay! Another video from lord Grian Dreamslayer!

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    This was Amazing Grian This worked for me and none of my friends found my base

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    Antima Shukla

    Good ba xD 8:25

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    Yuya_Cindy Nero

    1:50 It’s kinda cute how he says that and Mumbo is there :3.

  • Mythellaneous

    Grian: "put all your valuables in an ender chest and die!" players with keep inventory on: "i am 7 universes ahead of you"

  • CafeCaca Shart
    CafeCaca Shart

    does flying (elytra) into powdered snow work?

  • TheGodlyGamerYT

    How i build in minecraft survival Grian: secret base Mumbo: doors

  • Grain

    i totally thought that he was gonna swim up the waterfall into the base. expectations exceeded.

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    Sniffy (:


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    Encheckers TV

    You sill didn't explain why we needed the mumbo painting?

  • Sam Raymond
    Sam Raymond

    if ur gonna lose an enderchest anyway, why not just not break it?

  • David's still crazy
    David's still crazy

    I use the ender chest one in bed wars


    What is your optifine settings I need to know

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    Francis Martinez

    Idk why did grian name ender chest into ender void?...

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    Antoni Antek

    1:44 General Kenobi

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    He sound the same even tho l haven't wach him on 2 yearsh

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    M. Alves

    Grian punching an enderchest make me remember of a certain Fitmc and slave labor

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    Robro 3000

    Grian: "Hello there" Zombie: "General Grianobi! You are a pesky one!"